Monday, 29 July 2013

Hospitals, Naughty spaniels and cheeky gulls and fish and chips.........oh and dodgy water!

So did you know that WOMAN HITLER is an anagram of MOTHER IN LAW?
And as 'woman hitlers' go mine isn't bad at all. We have had our moments over the years but I don't doubt that she loves me and I probably am the daughter she never had. It was very sad and worrying for me today to get 'that' phone call that she had chest pains and shooting pains in her arms and my hubby took her first to the doctors and then to Treliske. We have been to visit, M came and was sad to see her granny looking ill and vulnerable, hubby was sad  too and father in law when we went to get petrol couldn't find the extra safe place that he had hidden his card number in -  bless him. She is awaiting an x ray and lying slumped on a bed amongst other sick and slumped people in a ward. I loathe the indignity of hospitals and it always makes me anxious when I go in and we left her there but have got phones to hand.
We were very British on the way home and had the solid equivalent of a cup of tea - fish and chips. None of us had eaten and we were all hungry and I think my potential weight loss / gain at fat club is really the least of my worries.
They were delicious by the way............ 
On a lighter note, Mutley my still housebound spaniel was found chomping on a packet of Anadin today. He is being weaned off his drugs so is looking for something else to placate him. He is basically bored. No walkies for 2 months means that he has gone a bit stir crazy and a bit solid around his middle. I removed the Anadin from his jaw and in the time that it took me to have a wee ( at my age, that's no time at all ) I returned to find him chewing on a Duracell aaa battery.
We see Gemma, one of the vets at THE RICHEST VETS IN CORNWALL on Wednesday and we are crossing our fingers  ( and paws )  that he will be released into the wild!
And speaking of the wild - Tony and Gordon and Peter are ( rather like their namesakes ) taking the piss. They are gigantic, they can fly and all they do is jump up and down and flap a bit. I drove up the road today and they were just there, hanging around and , as I think they may say in Bristol, 'giving me evils'. I peeped at them and even got out the car to shooooo them out the way - they were having none of it. They reminded me of the evil gremlins in the film of the same name that stay up after midnight or eat or get water on themselves. I am now very wary.
So no bottled water for the 3 feathered amigos but GALLONS for the residents of St Ives. There is either fluoride or chlorine or poo in the reservoir which means we cannot, and I repeat cannot under any circumstances drink the tap water. I had a glass this morning and I started to feel a bit sick. It is psychological as apparently our street hasn't been affected, but if there is a local crisis, I am so going to be involved.
To be on the safe side I am drinking wine tonight though.

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