Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hot Hot Hot and grand plans for a picnic.

So yes you all know what I've been up to today. It is Sunday and it is HOT and there was no way I was going to miss out on the rooftop. A small but select gathering today, including 2 people from Sheffield who seemed very nice. John ( I think he was called John ) bought me a drink so he seemed even nicer after that. Hooray.
As I am on a 'diet' I didn't have my usual Magners as I am sure they are full of sugar and very fattening, I had vodka and diet coke instead but only 2 ( doubles ) as I had to be home by 4 to Mutley sit. He is still under house arrest but sees the richest vet in Cornwall tomorrow and I am hoping that they will allow him to go out for some gentle walks. I feel so sorry for him watching the other 2 go out for their daily run at 4 o clock so here's hoping for tomorrow........
One of the topics of conversation today around the table is the demise of the good old British picnic. We have decided that not next Sunday, but the one after , we will sacrifice the rooftop and go somewhere with food, blankets and rugs and relive the fun of yesteryear. It's ages since I have been on a picnic but the ones I recall from my childhood always involved.........
Hard boiled eggs
Egg and cress sandwiches
Squash that was too strong
We decided that I should start boiling my eggs now and my sandwiches should be made asap and then left wrapped in clingfilm in a warm place for full effect. The squash needs to be kept somewhere warm too and be much too strong - ideally it should be of the consistency that makes you wonder if any water has actually been added at all. As for the cake? Well I don't make cakes and if I don't eat them too as I'm being ever so good, then someone else can be in charge of them. I am not sure where we will go for this picnic, I am guessing the Island in St Ives - we also said that wherever we lay our rugs has to be right on top of an annoying stone or pebble so we can then spend the rest of the day shuffling about uncomfortably. Oh and we are also going to roll out hard boiled eggs down a hill - don't ask why - we just are!
I have been home for nearly an hour and my 'tan' is just starting to kick in. I used factor 15 - I am Northumbrian and naturally pale and freckly so I really should use a 30 but I didn't.
I am not sore and it is not stinging so that's good enough for me. I just hope it doesn't have a delayed reaction on me and I don't spend the rest of the night burning up. I have promised to cook a roast dinner and I need to slam in the lamb and do stuff with cabbage in a minute and the thought of that hot oven is making me feel a bit wobbly.
I wonder if anyone apart from Mutley would notice if I went away and hid for a while in a cold room????

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