Friday, 3 May 2013

What do we want? Juggling Midgets! When do we want them? NOW!

So yesterday there was elections all over the country. It was all very exciting.
 I voted.
 As well as the county elections there was also one for the local town council. All good stuff to cheer up an otherwise dreary Thursday the way, it wasn't dreary, it was really hot and sunny.
My friend across the road, Morag was standing for the county election and was part of a group called Community First that was standing for the town. I had a poster in my window and I tweeted them good luck and they were the only ones who knocked my door, so even if I didn't know her, then I still would have voted for her anyway.
It took me back to being a young bairn up in Northumberland and when there was any form of election it would always entail cars ( probably Cortinas) driving around the streets of Alnwick with a bloke with a megaphone yelling out the window who we should vote for and why.
We also had a lot more door knockers back in the day - my mother used to love the Conservative ones and would chase away the commie Labour ones with a flea in their very red ears.
I also remember my Dad saying he was going to put up 'a couple of posters' and my Mum , not really listening didn't realise what he had done until she went shopping the next day and our front fence was festooned with 'VOTE LABOUR' placards all along every available bit of wood. Oh how she didn't laugh.
In our country we are very quick to moan about whichever government is in power, but very few of us are prepared to do anything about it. I personally adore moaning, it's one of my hobbies, and I do quite like a bit of a political rant too, but I do always vote - even when the election is a relatively small fry one like yesterday.
I always marvel at the Americans elections and the pure pomp and ceremony of it all! Can you imagine, hoards of screaming fans and balloons and music and adulation for David Cameron? Or Nick Clegg? Or Ed Miliband? or any of them for that matter.
It's just not cricket and that's not what we 'do' here. We Brits need to keep a stiff upper lip at all times.
Personally speaking, if I were ever to stand for any form of election then I would go pure white trash all the way. There would be prancing ponies with plumes, there would be brass bands, there would be fire eaters, fireworks and of course some of these ........

nothing says more about a wannabe politician's sincerity than a juggling midget.
My spaniels would have 'vote momma' dog t shirts, I would kiss babies, I would help old ladies across the road and more than that I would be a person of the people. Honest.
And can you imagine what a great blog and subject matter for some poems that would be?
Maybe it's time to start plotting and planning..............

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