Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pure white trash hoes

So today my friend , fellow blogger and self taught gardening expert Leanne came down and whipped me and my overgrown front garden into touch.
 I have never seen such an speedy weeder - she was on fire! Slugs, worms and other creepy crawlies didn't bother her. She just threw them into the road - regardless of who happened to be passing by.
It was great!
We gossiped, weeded, gossiped, weeded, laughed, and then weeded a bit more. I do admit that she did do a bit more weeding than me but she let me throw down the slug pellets after she had planted some lovely 'things' that she had grown from seeds.
A couple that parked their car outside said we both ''looked lovely'' and admired my lilly bush. I'm not sure that lovely is the correct word as our perfectly rounded rears were in the air most of the time and it has to be said that my chest was on fine form too. But still, it was a nice thing for them to say.
There was banter galore. We said we were doing it for Her Royal Majness who is coming to St Ives on Friday and people laughed at our joviality.
Nothing brings people together more than a spot of weeding in a very busy street.

We talked about the tv show Friends and our favourite episodes.
Ah, but they don't know we know they know
Joey being the janitor's dancing partner
Phoebe not being allowed to sing songs to the children
Fat Monica
hey buddy, put the mouse back in the house - this is a family place
and generally had a fabulous day.
And as we sat on my doorstep drinking builder's tea and having a cheeky ciggie, in the words of Chandler Bing -
''could we be any more white trash''?
I now have to maintain the tidy and blossoming space that she has created as I know she will walk past and yell at me if I don't.
Have to go now - and do some watering.

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