Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Relaxed is the new black

So when I started this blog it was meant to be about my 'diet' hence the title of it.
Shall I let you all into a secret?
I've had anough of being on a diet.
I have had enough of organising my life around that one day a week when I have been weighed and when I feel that I can eat chocolate as I have got another week to get rid of it, I have had enough of doing 2 lots of shopping, I have had enough of saying 'no thanks' ( maybe if I had said it a bit more then I wouldn't be writing all of this), I have had enough of being asked out to lunch and being ripped off by being given a huge bowl of lettuce with a couple of prawns in it and I have had enough of constantly stressing that I may not lose on those scales on a Thursday.
As the Abbey National??? advert used to say - Life's complicated enough - without me having to weigh out 40g of low fat cheddar for my jacket potato, without me gazing lustfully at the olive oil but using the synthetic spray oil instead and without me throwing more money into the coffers of those that play on our weaknesses.
The reason that I came to this decision last night are listed below -
1. I often don't want to eat 3 meals a day but feel that I have to.
2. I've sort of gone off chocolate
3. I can't drink as much wine as I would like to so I don't.
4. I quite like salad.
5. I can live without butter.
6. Bread is just a food - I don't need to eat lots of it.
7. I never buy crisps.
8. I can take or leave cakes.
9. I'm not stupid.
10. None of the people at fat club particularly inspire me.
So that was that really.
I am sat here at the moment and I am not hungry. If I was sticking to my 'diet' I would feel the need to eat something for the sake of it. Is this right or wrong?
We do not live on a diet of chips and fish fingers and I'm not a bad cook when I put my heart into it. I have given my scales away ( again ) to Leanne - she was overjoyed when she found them on her doorstep and her little boy was even more overjoyed with the 2 homemade choclate truffles that were placed in a sandwich bag on her door handle.
I can live without those scales. Many 'normal' people do and I'm sure somewhere in me somewhere is a slim and normal person just struggling to get out.
I like to analyse and the psychologies of slimming that get to me every time are the whole hopping on the scales in the morning and seeing I have gained a pound and then thinking oh sod it, I'll have a pasty. Or there's the whole 'well there's no point in doing it this week because I'm out for a meal on saturday' mentality or the worst one ever, the feeling of missing out and not knowing how to control moderation.
So day one today - I have planned dinner, I may have some breakfast soon, or I may not...........Oh I am throwing caution to the wind here aren't I?
Of course, this time next week I may be banging on Leanne's door demanding my scales and returning to fat club, the land of the not free, with my head hung low. My thighs may rub together and I may have grown an extra chin....but there again I may not.
We shall see.

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