Friday, 10 May 2013

Poorly boy

So Mutley has been limping for a few days now. Since breaking his right front paw last year he has always been a bit sensitive on that side of his body but last night he was awful. He was shaking, he was whimpering and he was definitely not happy. We thought that he had maybe disllocated his shoulder and so took him off to the vets at lunchtime today.
It was not good news.
He has infact broken his elbow and we had 2 choices -
1. Send him to Newquay where he would stay overnight and a specialist doggy surgeon would sort him out .............for the tidy sum of £1200.
2. Wait til the senior vet gets back from his holiday at our own surgery and he would do it ( cheaper ) although it may not work and he may have to lose his leg!
This has upset me greatly.....and that is probably my biggest understatement of the year.
Anyone that knows me knows that I love my spaniels more than life itself and I can't bear to see them in pain ( or any animal really ) - so tonight I am even more glum than usual.
He is on his way home from the vets now and I am going to keep him warm and quiet over the weekend and then he can go in on Monday and fingers and paws crossed they can sort him out.
And on that jolly note, I am off to have a huge vodka.

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