Monday, 6 May 2013

Leaves or Sand and Sea? It's all pretty.

So it's been a bit of a scorcher of a bank holiday here in St Ives and by the looks of it, almost everywhere else in the UK too. I had to work but managed to get home and enjoy a bit of quiet time ( see yesterday's blog ) in the garden with only the cat to bother me.
Hattie is busy revising and has spent most of the day in Cardiff in the librabary. I am very impressed by her dedication and I also loved the photo she sent me of the beautiful trees in the park just next to the university building.
The view I had today was this one -
and it is of Porthmeor Beach and Clodgy in the distance. An almost deserted beach and not something we will see much of down here in a few weeks.
When you live in a town with lots of beaches like I do, then you almost take it for granted sometimes. Friends from 'up country' always presume that you're at the beach whenever it's sunny or a bank holiday but all of us that live here will know that's not quite true.
And as much as the beaches are gorgeous, I also like trees!
In Northumberland there are thousands and thousands of trees. And huge trees at that! Big , tall, old, established trees with all sorts of leaves and blossoms in the spring. In Cornwall there are also trees but smaller ones and lots of palm trees suited to the sub tropical (!) climate.
And before anyone corrects me, there are beaches in Northumberland too! Stunning beaches, but very different to the ones in the south west.
When I went with Hattie to her open day at Cardiff in April 2011 it was a warm sunny day and we sat in that very park for an hour or so. I was obviously my near hysterical self at the prospect of my eldest flying the nest but I did think at the time - at least she is going to live in a nice place, which is very important for us near hysterical mothers isn't it?
So which scene is prettier?
I suppose it depends where you live really.
The trees are always greener and the sea is always bluer.

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