Friday, 24 May 2013

Let's swap the suntan lotion for a nice warm jumper.

So it's another bank holiday and it's Whitsun and there are hoards of people chugging down the A30 as I write and it is bleddy freezing down here! My freckles have retreated, my healthy orange glow from last week is now a jaundiced yellow, I am hunting for warrm socks and my hand is hovering over the 'on' switch on my central heating boiler.
I really shouldn't be surprised should I?
It's just that we have all been lulled into the promise of summer, determined by the month and sucked in by all the disposable barbecues lining the shelves of the supermarkets. I want to buy multi packs of seasoned meat, I want to dip pringles into humous, I want to slosh  pimms and chopped fruit around my big plastic pink jug and I want to risk life and limb by nibbling on a black crispy sausage that I am not 100% convinced is cooked inside.
Well barbecue my arse!
 If I, as a Northumbrian such as myself,  living in the sub tropical county of Cornwall am feeling a bit nippy, then god knows what my southern friends must be feeling.
I always get a hint of the weather by the general demeanor of the passers by in front of my window in the morning. Today it didn't look good when I saw someone with an umbrella and mac battling against the icy wind and imminent rain. I thought I would be optimistic so I took my sunglasses with me, and even wore them for half an hour. I did get a few odd looks ( more than usual anyway ) and am sure that a few people in town probably thought I had a hangover ( I didn't ) or I was really cool ( I'm not, I'm a geek ) or I had a black eye.
After 5 minutes outside the glasses were tucked in my pocket and the coat was buttoned up.
So all in all I reckon it's not going to be a sizzling scorcher of a few days. Tonight I will light my log fire, may even make a stew and my electric blanket will be switched on to number 4 before I climb into my bed.
That's what bank holidays and the summer is all about - innit?

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