Saturday, 4 May 2013

The hairs on the back of my neck.........

So who believes in ghosts? Hands up! I bet most of you do!
 I do - I think........ and although I have never seen one as such I do firmly believe in the presence of spirits and bad vibes and atmospheres etc.
Going into lots of old houses on a regular basis I often wonder about all the people that have lived there over the years and what would they think of somewhere that now claims to 'sleep 4' when years ago there would have been at least 10 of them living there. Would they like the tasteful refurbishments or would they be turning in their graves and feeling the need to come back and make an appearance to let their feelings be known?
I have had a couple of spooky encounters over the years.
1. In a house not far from where I now live I was standing in the kitchen and looking into the freezer and the door out was to my left. Something hit me on the side of the head and dropped to the floor and when I looked down it was a piece of gravel. I turned my head, almost expecting to see someone I knew standing there but there was nobody. I got my coat and bag and left promptly and have never been back there on my own.
I am friends with the owners and once , over lunch , and a couple of cheeky glasses of wine, I mentioned this incident to them. Lou, the lady owner said ''my god, I know what you mean, the kitchen gives me the creeps'' and then proceeded to tell me all about how the tv in the bedroom would often switch itself on and off throughout the night and things would be moved around.
THANK YOU LOU! I am not mad after all.
Personally speaking, I would have sold up and looked for somewhere else but Jeff her husband poo pooed our nervous chatter and laughed about it.
I didn't.
2. A few years ago I had to walk down this alleyway
and I was on my own and somebody shouted 'Liz' just behind me. There was nobody there but me and I carried on walking ( more quickly obviously ) and now every time I go down there I think about that day and who the hell it was. It's also not a very long alleway but it genuinely makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and whenever I have to go down it I literally stand at the end and think ''deep breath head down''
It's funny what our imagination can do to us isn't it? Growing up I subjected myself to all sorts of scary films - The Omen, The Exorcist, The Entity and so on and would lie awake in bed under the blankets too scared to go to sleep and too scared to push my head out and check there wasn't a headless corpse loitering by my bed.
My kids do the same thing these days - Paranormal Activity is a truly terrifying film ( well to me it is ) and they have both watched it and all the subsequent ones and they too get so afraid that they can't sleep.
I now live in a big spooky old house and so far I haven't heard any clanking chains, ghostly howls or have found anything untoward but even if I haven't seen anything I still don't disbelieve that there are more than us flesh and blood humans out there................

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