Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Howling spaniels and cocky Derek.

So Mutley survived the night in his cage. In all fairness, he was totally off his chops last night so I think he would have slept anywhere. It was this morning when he woke up that the howling began.
It was not a good sound.
In response to the howling, Freddy decided he would howl too and then Maddie joined in by barking and then my internet crashed and I couldn't do any of the things that I intended to do as I was  technically isolated from the 21st century. It sucked. 
Isolated and in a house of howls and woofs. All I wanted to do was have a quiet coffee ...........in peace and silence. Ah well.
The wounded soldier is a bit perkier today and even managed to hobble off with one of my shoes so he is obviously on the long road to recovery.
He was back at the vets first thing and even managed a brief wag of his tail towards those that had inflicted pain  on him yesterday and he now has one of those lampshade type devices to stop him licking his stitches. I predict it will last less than an hour - and it cost a tenner!
Now on to the internet bit - it was gone, I had none, nothing, zilch.
I rang BT and they assured me it was working and I assured them that it wasn't and they asked me to turn it off and switch it back on again and I did and I said it still didn't work and they assured me that it should and I assured them that it still wasn't and I think you all get the gist! I think I preferred the sound of the howling to the sound of 'Derek' getting a wee bit cocky with me. I reckon Derek isn't his real name anyway and I know he knows that I was not happy.
It's a good job I have the patience of a saint. I'd hate to see me when I was grumpy or angry..........

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