Sunday, 5 May 2013

All I want is a bit of shush

So I think I am speaking for most of us women out there when I say that there comes a point in every day when you want everyone to shut up, pipe down and leave us all alone. Mine invariably arrives about 2 hours before it actually happens and today I am as crabby as a crab and just want SILENCE!
The words 'Liz' and 'Mum' are used far too much in this house for my liking and on a sunny Sunday all I really want to do is potter sround , do some cooking and read my kindle. Now  is that really too much to ask?
 Is it?
My issue is this - when I need to talk about stuff  - nobody wants to listen. I can't distract them from what they are doing but when they want to speak to me it's usually after dinner or when I am busy or when I really couldn't give a rat's arse about what they want to talk about.
Sky News for example - I check in on the news once a day so I can keep relatively up to date with what's going on around the world. Once a day is enough for me. I do not need every headline talked through, I am not interested in football in any size shape or form and I do not like being told which tv programmes on later that evening I will 'like'. I am actually going to not like them on purpose.
Here's a few more snippets about me while I'm on a roll.........
I like cooking. I don't like being told that my beef curry is a 'bit thin'. It was bloody perfect.
I talk a lot ( as those of you who know me in real life can vouch for ) but this does not mean I want to talk all the time.
If I go upstairs to be alone and read - guess what?? I want to be alone and read.
I do not like people using the kitchen and not putting things back where I left them.
I do not like going to use my fancy posh camera and finding that the batteries have been taken and put in the wii.
I get sick of being the only person that seems to put a new loo roll on the holder.
I am aware that we have 'no food' in the fridge - actually we do have lots of food, just not food that other people necessarily want to eat.
I am not totally miserable - well I am , but that's because I want to be.
Sorry everyone - will try and cheer up tomorrow.
Or maybe I wont.

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