Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunny Sundays and some clank.............but no dolphins.

So today is hot! When the sun shines there is no greater place to be than St Ives Cornwall. It's cracking, lush and just perfect. It is especially all of those if you have a spare couple of hours and you want to indulge in some afternoon banter.
I did this today and I am glad that I did this.
Sundays are a strange day for me as they are technically my day off but there is always work still to be done. Realistically I am usually drained after the goings on of the weekend so I never do very much but today the weather was too nice to do nothing. I had planned to so a social experiment interractive type blog today ( get me! ) but as soon as my friend Debbie mentioned a spot of dolphin watching from the roof of The Pednolva Hotel I thought ''sod the blog, I'm out of here''.
It was bleddy lovely there and it was great to see so many local people too, taking advantage of a bit of 'me' time.
This was the view from our prime rooftop balcony table.
And this was the view when I looked back at the table
And very nice it was too.
We saw no dolphins but we were too busy talking to look properly, my social experiment interractive blog will have to wait for another time and I have gone a bit orange it has to be said.
Happy Whitsun everyone - cheers!


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