Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Books Books Books and the pressure of it...........

So next Tuesday it's that time of the month again - yes it's very intellectual book group!
We all generally put our names in the hat and whoever is chosen gets to pick the next month's read. Now my friend Roo was meant to choose the next one but as luck would have it she is away and she nominated me to do the picking.  Hooray!
I love choosing the book - I bloody well love it!
The two that I have chosen previously were
Room by Emma Donahue
The Book of Human Skin by Michelle Lovric
and I have to say they were a couple of corkers.
I haven't chosen one for well over a year now so my choices are currently between 3 -
Derranged serial killer on a remote scottish island with some very funny parts
Derranged lonely lunatic who is a sort of serial killer and there are  no funny parts
A sort of political (ish ) one.
I am still reading the third and the other two I read years ago but  I am still undecided , however,  in terms of revving up a good old wine fuelled book group discussion I think it is probably going to be the third one.I am nearly halfway through it and I just know that something bad is going to happen and the suspense is killing me. I am literally on the edge of my seat to see what the deed will be.........
I love books and literally can't get enough of them. My house is packed to the rafters with them and my kindle is groaning with ones just waiting for me to slide, click and go.
I will let you all know what I choose after I have revealed it next Tuesday.
And of course, knowing me, there may be four of them to choose from by then.
What's your favourite book and why????

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