Saturday, 18 May 2013

Royal Queens and Eurovision Queens....which do I prefer?

So it's been a busy weekend in St Ives Cornwall.
Firstly there was a visit from HRH Elizabeth 2nd and the whole town came to a standstill. Roads were closed, streets were swept, scaffolding was taken down and everything stopped. The harbour was lined with hundreds of people and the sun was out. The weather was infact, perfect, we couldn't have asked for better for Maj.
I'm not a fan of the royal family I'm afraid and never have been. As soon as I was old enough to formulate any sort of opinions I used to think it was wrong that some were born with such wealth and others were born with nothing. Seeing poverty and homelessness in our country on the front page of the papers next to a story about how much Diana or Fergie or Kate's dress cost is not good. That's the way I have felt for a long time and as I am 45 now I doubt very much that I am likely to change my mind.
I got sucked in.
I moaned and groaned and grumbled but yes, I did stand there in the flag waving and cheering crowds. I was rebellious and kept my hands in my pockets so I didn't wave anything by accident and I was right at the front and I didn't even see her!
 Silly me was stood at the wrong side of the road, so I only got a fleeting glimpse of Phil the Greek, who I secretly hoped would do a right royal faux pas 'slitty eyed' style out the window.....................but he didn't .
And I'm not going all soft on everyone here, but I will admit that the town certainly did have a feel good factor yesterday morning and anyone visiting here would have seen it for the beautiful place it is. I personally still think it would have been beautiful with the odd chip wrapper and scaffolding but there you go.
Now onto more important matters!
Tonight is Eurovision!
I bloody love it!
I am a Euro geek and have been since I first watched it in 1976 when The Brotherhood of Man won it for the UK . With their matching flared trouser suits, their cheeky little dance routine and horrendously cheesy song about a little girl waiting for her Daddy to come in from work to kiss her goodnight -
I know it's not high brow and I know it's not even vaguely intellectual and I know that since Russia and Yugoslavia and Czechoslavakia became about 53 different 'countries' that we have 'nil' chance of winning ..............but I still can't stop myself from watching it.
Every year on a Saturday night towards the end of May at around 11pm I will huffily rant
''that's it! I'm never watching it ever again''
But of course I do and in around 5 hours I will be saying the same thing.
This year our representative is Bonnie Tyler, the croaky voiced songstress from Wales, Famous for a huge hit in the 80's and I think, being Catherine Zeta Jones cousin or something, she recorded a song once called 'I'm holding out for a hero' .
Well Bonnie,  I am not holding out much hope for any heroes or douze points probably because  the song is naff and quite frankly so is she.
But my optimism will prevail and my hands will be out of my pockets and I will be waving the flag for the United Kingdom.

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