Sunday, 12 May 2013

Seven double vodkas , no STP and a lovely view

So last night I went out. I needed a night out badly. As well as the dog and his leg I have had lots of other 'issues' and basically needed to chillax and forget about stuff for a few hours.
Luckily I was able to do this with the aid of some lovely company and lots of double vodkas. As I was sipping the first one outside The Sloop I thought 'wow' when I saw the view and decided to take this picture.
I dashed over to the wall of the harbour to do this and my friend Leanne yelled 'TOURIST' as I was doing so. She's from Bristol so she's a bit like that.................
It did make me think though, why people love coming here to St Ives on holiday as it is a beautiful place to be and there's no denying it.
Another beautiful place to be is Peppers Restaurant. I bloody love it!
My horoscope yesterday said I would flout convention, and indeed I did - not only did I not have sirloin steak with mushroom sauce ( I had meatballs instead) but I also - ahem, cough cough
Well that will be a tale to tell them at fat club on Thursday and I sincerely hope that my resistance pays off.
And on that jolly note I am going back to bed with some headache tablets....and to dream of salad.

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