Thursday, 21 March 2013

Wet Wet Wet and not the 80's pop group

So today it's peeing down. Cats and dogs. Proper fat raindrops. Wet and gloomy. Blah blah blah.
Do you get the impression that I hate the rain?
It's all to do with my hair you see.
 I'm a frizzer.
 I would adore straight shiny locks but have been cursed with a tufty wave ( only since having kids though for some bizarre reason ) and any moisture turns me into a Michael Jackson pre-op.
That's the main reason, but even if it didn't cause me to frizz I would still hate it. I need to go out and do stuff and I don't want to, everyone has long faces on them and it's just yuk.
I went to my writers group last night and we went to a nearby pub that was very very quiet. We didn't seem to get much writing done but the banter was cracking. We have so many good ideas between us ( maybe too many ) and if they all fall together into one good solid project then we will all be happy. The three of us are very very funny - well we think we are, and we need to transfer this humour into a written form. Watch this space blog readers - we may be famous soon.....actually we are already a bit famous and some of you will know exactly why. I am saying no more.....
Hattie is back tomorrow!
Her bed is made.  Her hot bottle is ready and her traffic cone is still in the corner.
I am hoping that this rain will go before she comes back to 'sunny' Cornwall but as she lives in Cardiff which appears to outdo even St Ives in the wetness stakes, I'm sure she'll live with it.
Oh and diet update - I am sort of back on it, in my own way, kind of, a bit.
I am not going to any classes, I have given my scales away ( again ) to  a friend and I am fairly chillaxed about it all. Three healthy meals a day and a treat ( usually alcohol ) and so far so good. I will retrieve the scales to weigh on Saturday.
I will not have a hissy fit if I don't lose much.

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