Sunday, 24 March 2013

Do you want a pudding? Of course I want a pudding!

So today is Sunday and we were in the mood for a roast but I wasn't really in the mood to cook one. Plus it's never the same when you have someone cook one for you. So went to the pub round the corner.
It smelled like Christmas dinner when we walked in because there was turkey on the menu as well as beef or gammon. I plumped for the turkey and it was delicious. The only thing that was missing was the sprouts but  the pudding more than made up for it...................
Plum and apricot crumble with ice cream.
Gateaux, tortes, mousse, cheesecakes, panacotta, brulee?
Show me a hot pudding like mother used to make and you can keep them all. With the exception of trifle of course.
We hardly ever have puddings at home but when I go out I just can't say no. I can go for coffee and refuse cake, I never buy biscuits and I've probably had 3 cream teas in the 24 years I have lived in Cornwall but I often feel the need to look at the dessert menu of a restaurant on the internet before I even leave the house.
Growing up in the 70's we had traditional  meat and 2 veg meals every night and my Mum always obliged with a pudding too. They nearly always involved custard ( with a skin on top ) and if we were feeling the pinch money wise it was sometimes tinned peaches with fake cream. Don't laugh or turn your noses up - it was infact very delicious.
For all of you that have followed my weight loss journey you will remember that I have created various masterpieces that are low in fat and sugar and are supposed to be a convincing substitute for their naughty counterparts.
They never are.
You can't beat a proper pudding. It's what a proper dinner is all about it.
And it's this philosophy that is probably the reason that I am sat here thinking that my target  weight is moving further and further away from my chubby fingered grasp.
I will not let this upset me.
I will think of crumble.

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  1. You must never let it upset you. One crumble every now and again won't affect your weight overall.
    I have had a weekend of contrasts, food wise.
    I am going to wipe the slate clean tomorrow, and return to my intention of sensible eating.

    Oh and I have become teetotal.