Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cankles shmankles

So I need to get a grip. This blog was meant to be about my never ending diet and instead it's about all sorts of other things. Sometimes life gets in the way of lettuce and it's a while since I have eaten one of those.
I joined another fat club today but I don't wish to divulge any further info. All I am going to say is that while I sat there listening to the leader enthusing about fruit I noticed that I have acquired cankles. They were bulging over my shoes and flaring onto the floor. I was in good company as there was several pairs there...............but it hurt, it hurt real bad.
So it looks like I may have to eat a few of these
and definitely a few less of these -
What an absolute bummer.
Of course, it was book group last night and there was the usual amount of scoff and booze. There was tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches, wine, there was nachos ( me! ) there was homemade quiche, wine, there was Mel's fairy cakes, there was dips, breads, olives, wine, cake, crisps, wine and some more wine I think. I also drank a bottle of diet coke to counteract it all so was very surprised to see those cankles at the end of my legs this morning.
Oh I wish I had a magic wand, it really would be fab, to eat and drink, and wave that wand, and banish all the flab.
My hubby asked what was for dinner and I said 'stir fry'. I actually think I said 'f***ing stir fry' and he laughed. He knows I mean business. He knows his life will be hell. He knows there will be nothing in the fridge apart from yogurt and skimmed milk.
He won't starve. His Mum will be slipping him pasties and hogs puddings.
And I will keep crunching on the lettuce - yay........

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  1. Lettuce is lovely jubbly...especially on a bacon and cheese sarnie x