Monday, 18 March 2013

Spiteful mash!

So today I have come this close  (I am pinching my thumb and forefinger really close together) to murdering my husband. He still has 'flu' and to put it bluntly, he is really getting on my tits.
And  I do acknowledge that perhaps I'm not the easiest person in the world to live with but he is seriously taking the biscuit.
Dinner for instance - let me run this by you all.
I was making a pasta type dish for myself and Martha and he didn't want it because he doesn't like any other carbs other than bread or potatoes.
He wanted pork chops, mashed potato and baked beans.
I said I didn't really want to cook 2 dinners and he had a little hissy fit. I then claimed I was joking ( I wasn't ) and that I would make it for him. He replied to this -
''No, I would rather make it myself than have you making spiteful mash''
Now, as you all know, I like food and I like cooking.
 I love  mashed potato. I have seen it done with cheese, with butter and milk, with chopped onion, with cabbage, with bacon, but oddly enough - never with spite.
Until tonight that is.
He got his chops and mash ( there was more than spite thrown in I tell you) and we had our pasta. A truce was called and he begrudgingly apologised.
Does this sound familiar?
Are there any families out there that can get through the day without bitching, bickering and catty comments?
Ours certainly can't.
Does the urge to use a blunt weapon from the kitchen drawer to knock out your partner ever grip you?
It does me.
On the plus side - my pasta was nice and one of my owners left a very nice bottle of red wine on my doorstep so all was not lost.
I have a manically busy week, my I Phone has died, and we have a leak from our hot water tank and our washing machine. It's a good job I never make a fuss.
Another plus is Hattie's return from uni on Friday. I haven't seen her for nearly 9 weeks and I can't wait to be a Mum of 2 again.
Of course, with 3 feisty females residing at home and no doubt HIS man flu no doubt getting worse then there will be fireworks a plenty by this time this week.
Would I change them all?
Of course not!
Would they change me?
Hmmm - only where mash is concerned.

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  1. Liz,

    Loving the new look. Spiteful mash. Priceless.

    Leanne xx