Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ginga Ninja

Ginger Ninja

So I have 3 dogs, which you all know about. They are cute, they are cuddly, they are loyal and they are the most beautiful springer spaniels in the world.
I also have a cat. Finn Gordon Blair Miliband.
Martha decided about 3 years ago that it would be nice to have a sweet little kitten but we got this one instead. He never miaows, he rarely sits on anybody's lap and he spends his life trying to wind up the dogs.
When we first got him we only had Daisy and Maddie. Now dear departed Daisy liked nothing better than chasing a rabbit and sometimes even catching one. We once foolishly looked after some friends guinea pigs for a weekend and they were in a hutch which we placed outside in the garden and Daisy spent the entire 72 hours with her face pressed against the glass of the back door like a fat kid at a cake shop.
There was a near miss when we let them out in their run on the lawn, but they survived.
When we got Finn it was similar. Daisy was a salivating wreck but she managed to restrain herself until he was big enough for her to ignore.
Our present 3 dogs haven't got a shred of the bravery that their big sister had. They are currently living in fear of that cat.
Maddie manages to pretend he isn't there but still gets the odd swipe when she walks past, Mutley will have a wrestle and run off after a while but poor little Freddy cops it the most.
He is young and gullible so when the cat sidles up for a hug and Freddy nuzzles back it then turns into all out war with that poor pup always coming off worst.
In the photo above he is in the log basket next to the fire, and there are also several dog toys near it which whenever Freddy went near to retrieve, he got a smack round the ear.
He also shows no mercy with us. He hides in various places and as soon as his most recent place is rumbled then he will choose another.
I have rattled boxes of biscuits in the rain, shrieked his name in the graveyard ( long story ) accosted local builders, have sustained injuries when trying to get him out the house the other week, have apologised to friends due to his unfriendly behaviour ( Lisa ) and generally have given my all. It's all ME ME ME with that cat!
And you know what?
Whilst writing this blog, the little bugger actually miaowed - no word of a lie.
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