Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I love you paw, I love you too half pint

So after yesterday's blog where I asked what our first and secret crushes were, I was over the moon.
 I got some very odd but also very amusing responses and my friend Debbie was a bit naffed off as she had posted something very intelligent about science on facebook and got 2 comments whereas  I posted a blog about teenage objects of fantasy and got nearly 200.
 Ah, yes, I've still got it............................
And so I shall resume my trip down memory lane today.
This time it's tv programmes.
What were your favourites and more to the point - why?
Well I am proud to say that I adore one of the best tv shows ever and as you can see from the picture above -  it was - The Little House on the Prairie.
All about life in the Ingalls family and set in 19th century America, in a small farming community called Walnut Grove, it was THE BEST!!
The programme was derived from a series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder - the actual Laura in the series, she was the second daughter and always up to loveable mischief.
There was Ma, Pa, sister Mary ( who went blind ) younger sister Carrie ( who rarely said or did anything ) another younger sister Grace ( equally as quiet ) and also Albert the adopted brother. They all had chores to do, they all walked miles and miles to school, they all read the bible, there was always a moral to every story and Pa would always tell Laura ( half pint ) how much he loved her at the end of each episode.
And of course there was the other characters in Walnut Grove - Doc Baker, Reverend Alden, and best of all The Olsens - they ran the village store and had 2 vile and spoiled children called Nellie and Willie.
Nellie was particularly loathsome.
I'm sure I am speaking for us all when I say we all knew a Nellie didn't we?
She wore frilly dresses and had perfectly blonde ringleted hair.
 Willie was just dumb and naughty.
Their antics were overseen by their dominant and equally horrid mother Harriet and their nice father Nels generally stood in the background restocking the gobstopper jars and shaking his head mournfully.
If my memory serves me correctly though, I am sure that Nels left Harriet for some young kind floozy later on in the story and she was left alone to think about all her bad deeds.
Writing it down, it doesn't seem quite so appealing now but to me 35 years ago it was wonderful. I laughed at it and I cried at it and I know I sound like an old fogie when I say ''eeeh they don't make them like that any more''.
I also loved the BBC dramas that were for slightly older kids and were shown at teatime on a Sunday night. Pollyanna, Anne of Green Gables, Ballet Shoes and Carrie's War. All good stuff and all adapted from good books too.
I would love to hear what everybody else watched and loved. What sticks in your memory and what makes you want to be 10 years old again?
And Debbie - sorry again for last night xxxxxxxxxxx

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