Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mummies - and not the egyptian kind

So today is Mother's Day. I have been one for 20 years and I have to say that my kids are lovely. Most of the time......joking - I love them both more than wine, sticky toffee pudding and life itself.
The first baby that I fed or changed was Hattie. I was the youngest in my family and had no younger cousins etc so I had nobody to practise on. Hattie was my first and at times I thought she may be my last.
I read the manuals, I did it all correctly and worried and fretted like any other new mother.
My midwife pointed out to me that even though I had read the book, maybe Hattie hadn't and then I calmed down a bit.
By the time Martha came along 4 years and 3 months and 10 days later I knew it all.....except I didn't really as all babies are different, just as all people are.
But we all survived and here we all are above, last summer.
Girls are emotional, hormonal and dramatic and so am I so there have been some turbulent moments in our household during the last 20 years.
I miss them when they aren't here, I iften wish they would be quiet when they are here, I worry constantly about them, I want to throttle anyone that upsets them and all I really want is for them both to be healthy and happy - wealthy would be a bonus.
There are also my furry children - the dogs, and I suppose the miserable gumpy cat. Maddie our oldest dog sticks to me like glue and even if I pop out for 5 minutes I am greeted the same as if it had been 5 hours.
Total and unconditional love.
Happy Mother's day to all xxxxxxxx

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