Sunday, 31 March 2013

The only sticky brown thing today.......

So I am on a mission.
 I may have slipped a bit in the weight loss stakes ( cough cough )  so that is the prime reason why I didn't buy any Easter eggs.
This did not make me very popular as I staggered downstairs this morning. I am already an awful sleeper and what with losing an all important hour too I wasn't in the best of moods. The lack of eggs, it would appear, make me an awful mother too.............
We decided to engage in a healthy activity instead and this went down a treat. We took the spaniels up to one of my favourite places in St Ives - Steeple Woods.
The dogs were in canine heaven - so many trees to pee on, so many smells to sniff and as you can see there was a very muddy stream which Freddy decided to wallow in like a hippo.
He was as happy as the proverbial pig in shit.
All three dogs were super well behaved, even Mutley ( who I do worry about sometimes ) , they greeted every dog they met with a woof and a bit of sussing out and thankfully there were no chihuahuahs on heat so it was all good and any awkward situations were avoided.
I have seen lots of photos today on Facebook and I think every single household that is on my friends list has an abundance of eggs.
 I do not feel guilty.
 When I am sliding my newly found hips back into the thin(ner) clothes that I bought after my last weight loss, I will remember this weekend and think 'thank goodness I didn't succumb to the bright packaging and the lovely delicious chocolate egg shapes with lots of little treats inside them''
I will be smug.

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  1. I ate three mini eggs. I need them scales. I feel thinner.....but am I, Liz? Am I?