Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sympathy please

So I have caught my hubby's lurgy. He claims he still has it and of course now his has come back with a vengeance and the tensions in this house are running high.
I am struggling to make dinner and he is trying to tell me a story about how when he was feeding the horses, a feverish sweat was soaking through his hat and running down his back. I wasn't really listening and couldn't hear properly as my ears are  blocked but I grunted and got told off for being rude.
The other night he texted me from bed asking me to bring him soup - my phone was charging and was nowhere near me so he flew into a man flu strop.

I have a short fuse at the best of times and it is rapidly getting shorter.
I will not be outdone in this illness malarky.  Tonight I am aiming for some sort of sores or boils.

That'll show him.
And as I haven't discussed my 'diet' for a while I suppose I should raise the grizzly subject ...............and maybe start doing something about it.

The problem is at the moment - I just can't really be arsed. I know what to eat and I know how to cook but my motivation is at an all time
low and it seems to be plummeting further each day.

My eating plan of choice was boring me so I defected to another fat club but that doesn't seem to be working either. I have thought I may do it alone at home, but I really need shiny stickers and rounds of applause etc to keep me focussed.

I admire anyone that can chip away ( no pun intended ) by themselves. It saves money and that means there is more to spend on lettuce etc but I am weak............and easily tempted.
My hubby can eat what he wants and never gains an ounce and my youngest daughter is a cake baking foodie. My friend Leanne has been posting obscene images on Facebook -
it's Creme Egg brownies and she is threatening to bake them and use me as a guniea pig and even though the words ''sugar rush'' are running through my head and I know they will make my teeth hurt, I just know I won't be able to resist.
I know  nothing of moderation - I am either good or naughty and the fact that I am poorly and could potentially be covered in all sorts of horrible skin complaints tomorrow, has not made me stop.
I am the sort of person that fat club leaders warn you about . They come out with phrases like ''a bad day doesn't make a bad week'' and ''if you had a bunch of 7 flowers and one died , you wouldn't throw the whole bunch away would you?''
I can see their logic but it fails to really sink in.
Maybe one day it the meantime, I hope Leanne hurries up and gets baking.


  1. I promise not to bake them - especially since I lowered myself onto your scales. :(

    Leanne xx

  2. I do love the use of your word 'lowered' LOL