Friday, 29 March 2013

Fliiping heck I'm freeeeezing

So it's Easter weekend. Today is Good Friday. I did not eat fish, I had a pork chop for dinner and some chicken for lunch and I spent most of the day in town freezing.
I remember the year that Martha was born in 1997 - the Easter that year was gorgeous. I recall quite vividly spending it on the beach and there was lots of happy people with pink faces.
Today I reckon has been one of the coldest days of the year. We were all busy working and everyone had watery eyes from the piercing wind and faces like bashed crabs.
There were no holiday makers skipping along in flip flops - they were all in layers of clothing and a lot of them with ridiculous hats on too. I'm sure the pasty shops did well though which is good because this town needs a bit of money.
When I was a lass I liked Easter. It meant one thing to me and one thing only -
Now I only ever got a Cadbury's button egg but the thrill of ripping it over and cupping half the egg over my nose and saying ''ahhhhhhhhhhhhh'' will always stay with me.
I wasn't from a big family that all bought each other eggs - some of my friends had dozens and I used to be so jealous as I only had that one but I loved that egg.
I haven't bought my kids any this year but I don't really feel guilty about it. Here's why.
1. My kids are 20 and 16
2. I am on yet another diet and I am not going to sit and watch them chomp chocolate.
3. They are a waste of money ( eggs not my kids obvz)
4. I'm a miserable cow.
And really - unless you're religious , which I'm not, it's just a 4 day holiday isn't it?
If Marks and Spencers had any of their chocolate hot cross buns then maybe I would feel differently but they didn't so I don't.
Hope everyone else ha fun eating all theirs though............and if anyone that lives near me sees someone that looks like me nipping round to the Co-op tomorrow trying to buy some reduced ones - it's not me, honest.

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