Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Throw it all in and hope for the best.....and oooh, Paul

So today I have some braising steak.  It is from Tescos and as it's in solid form I am guessing that it was once a cow and no horses have been injured in the making of my dinner.
I am in the mood for curry and I have all sorts of various curry type spices lurking at the back of my kitchen cupboards. I didn't weigh or measure anything, I just threw it all in and am hoping for the best.
If it's a disaster I can say ''well I didn't think it would turn out any good - god knows what went in''
If it's good, I am never ever  going to be able to replicate it because I really now can't remember what went into it.
The spiteful mash war continues - I was out working today so my 'first hubby' as he will be known for the time being , made my lunch.
It was a jacket potato.
It was a bleddy raw jacket potato.
I grimaced and picked  at it a bit and he said ''well cook it yourself in future''
I then threw some green beans into the beef curry as he hates them. I know, I know, it's spiteful of me, but hey, that's what I do - I make spiteful food!
But back to what it will taste like - it certainly smells good so fingers crossed for a culinary triumph tonight.
 Often the best meals are what we just randomly grab and stick in a pot- that's what most of us 40 somethings were raised on and we all have broad shoulders and hair on our chests.
And oh, did you all see Mr Hollywood last night on BBC2?
I like to think of it as a 'porn du pain' what with all the double entendres whizzing about and Paul ( the twinkly eyed rogue and god that he is ) pummelling his baguettes and kneading his baps, I think most women of a certain age in this country were salivating at some point during the show.
He made me want to eat bread.
No, hang on, he made me want to bake bread and there is a big difference. You can't compare what he was banging out of his hot oven to the mass produced rubbish that we get off the shop shelves.
My friend Debbie  referred to him as 'Nigella for the ladies' and I quite agree.
Jamie Oliver??? phhhtttt - get gone you annoying little brat - Daddy is home and he is here to stay!
Yes, he may be older, and yes he is a scouser, but ............yummmmm .
Roll on next Monday - no pun intended!

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