Monday, 11 March 2013

Things that make you go phwoaaaaaarrrrrr

So my friend and fellow blogger Leanne has just pointed out that the object of some of my hearty desire Paul Hollywood has got his own show starting next week. Now for those of you heathens that don't know who he is, Paul Hollywood is the bearded twinkle eyed baking expert from 'The Great British Bake Off'.
Maybe it was the way he kneaded his loaves, or squirted jam into his doughnuts or kept saying 'baps' and 'buns' - I'm not sure but he reduced me to a dribbling wreck. I had a proper crush and I'm no schoolgirl.
This takes me back to when I was  a schoolgirl of 12/13  and I had my first proper crush - I am not proud and I don't know why but it was on Sebastian Coe! He won the gold medal in the 1500m at the Moscow Olympics and I cried because he won and then I cried because I loved him so much.
I collected lots of newspaper clippings about him from my Mum's Daily Mails and kept them in a huge pile in the drawer that also housed my 5 year diary. I planned to leave school at 16, travel to Sheffield ( where he was from ) , stalk him for a while, meet him, then marry him.
When I see Lord Coe now on the telly I actually blush. I feel ashamed . I feel dirty. I really can't fathom what my 12 / 13 year old mind was thinking. It must have been the cold easterly wind in Northumberland or my hormones but I still cringe about it more than 30 years later.
I remember the day that I met a 'real' boy. I am not going to say his name but his initials were JD ( some of my friends will remember him - vividly ) and I came home and threw away all my Seb Coe clippings.
I was cleansed. I was cured. I had snogged!
So ladies and gentlemen - what makes us go 'phwoaarrr' when we see a certain celebrity on the tv or in the newspapers or in a film?
Seb was no looker but there must have been something that set my loins ablaze.
My phwoarr factors since then have been -
Adam Ant
Harrison Ford
Paul Young
Bruce Willis
Rob Lowe
Bobby from Dallas
John Cusack ( he still makes me phwoarr a bit)
Robbie Williams
Simon Cowell
Jon Richardson
Kirk from Towie
Jim Sturgess
and many many more that I can't really remember.
So if you have read this blog - please leave a comment and fess up who you've also had a little crush on. And please be honest. It can't be worse than Lord Coe.
Can it?

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  1. Errrrrrr - right. Whatever makes you sleep at night ;-)

    No mention of Mickey B. Boooooooo! :-(