Thursday, 14 March 2013

Don't stand so close to me..........

So today I am going to be cryptic - very cryptic.....but only for the next paragraph.
I had to go somewhere and see someone  and there was someone there that I don't care very much for and the feeling is mutual and we had to be civil and then they tried to hug me and be nice and my teeth were gritted and my snarl, I mean  SMILE was forced and I dodged the hug and was very grown up about it all.
There - I have let it all out.
Are you all proud of me????? Does my maturity impress??????
Anyway, my point is - I have a horrendously large bubble and I do not hug - well not very often and I am actually quite choosy in the whole hugs / touchy / feely department.
I hug my children, my animals and sometimes my hubby and in all fairness  I don't mind giving a hug but I just don't want them back. I don't know why - I am sure there is some deep rooted explanation but as yet I have never discovered quite what it is that makes me go ''whooooaaaaaaa 10 feet, honey'' when someone comes in for a cuddle.
It doesn't make me a bad person - just picky.
One of the owners of a holiday property we looked after had allergies and once when I had popped round, he had snot dripping from his nose and zoomed in for a peck on the cheek.
I am a master at ducking and diving and managed to avoid said smacker  and the potential of his mucus smeared against my face, although  a bit may have caught the side of my ear.
Germs do not scare me , I am not a cold hearted ice maiden ( not all of the time anyway ) I just don't want someone in my personal space. It's MY space and I like it clear.
A close family member tends to do this and she is lovely but I have had to tell her to back off a couple of times - as nicely as possible obviously. I'm not mean, just physically reserved.
But as for the space robber today - well he had a nerve. He had the bloody cheek of the devil and my glare said it all.
He can hugger right off.
(All will be revealed in the nest few weeks as to who this was and the whole situation but until then you will have to wait)

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