Monday, 4 March 2013

How much is too much?

So what's been going on in my life today?? What has Monday morning and the start of a brand new week thrown at me? Should I be bright and breezy and say nothing or shall I be totally honest and tell the truth?
My 2 blogger friends Mark and Leanne both pondered yesterday about their blog content. Mark is a new blogger and wondered if he was revealing too much and Leanne, after her husband called her blog 'twee' wondered if she wasn't revealing enough.
Is there a happy medium?
Do my readers really want to know about my heavy period, very poorly elderly mother, mentally ill brother who was found collapsed in a coma as his carers thought he had 'gone out' and he wasn't seen for days or would they prefer to hear about the glossed over version of my life which involves springer spaniels, wine, food and poems?
The former facts are all true by the way and it all hit me today, all within a half hour time scale. The door then knocked and it was Martha's public speaking team come to rehearse which I forgot about. I menstruated through 2 layers of clothes at this point. Sorry about that , but it's true..........
I am what you would call a 'funny' person, I make people laugh and sometimes it's the last thing I
want to do. I have had a chronically horrible start to this year, and I feel it may well get worse.
What can I really do though?
 I have my days with that black cloud hovering over me and its equally black dog snapping at my heels  but then I chant my little mantra ''you will be fine, you will be fine''.
I also pray - am not sure who to, but it helps.
I am blessed with wonderful friends that would give their eye teeth for me. If they  were black americans they would say ''yo, sister, I've got your back''
But they're not, yet they have, and I appreciate it immensely.
Tomorrow is another day.
Bring it on.

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  1. My thought is to make your blog be what you want it to be. The great thing about them is their individual quality (that said, too much menstruation and me and my maxipads are outa here!) xx