Saturday, 2 March 2013

Someitmes you just have to swear................

So today should have started off a lot smoother than it did!
 I really get frustrated sometimes when I have to rectify other people's mistakes. It makes me growl, it makes me hyper ventilate and it makes me want to swear like a sailor.
 I like swearing but only when it's totally necessary. There's a time and a place for it and that place is generally my house and the time is generally about 9.30 on a Saturday morning.
I actually wrote a poem about swearing a few weeks ago and I feel the need to share it with you all today, but as I am a responsible blogger, and I don't want to upset any of my loyal readers from far flung places like Ukraine and Brazil, I have asterixed some letters out of the naughty words.
Sometimes when life aint going great
and people arent that nice
The strongest urge
for naughty words
is all that will suffice
A little f*** yelled here and there
some may say you're sick
but if no-one hears
or shields their ears
A m**** will do the trick
We can then progress to w*****
or arsehole's also good
cock, tit and willy
is all quite silly
But it will get you in the mood
So don’t hold back your rants and raves
it works, it’s not a stunt
Progress quite slow
Then let it go
To a loud resounding C***
Now if anyone can't guess which words are which please feel free to message me privately and I shall tell you. Of course, I would never use the last word as it's the baddest of the lot so I do apologise if anyone of a sensitive nature is offended by this - I assure you none is intended.
Anyway, back to swearing where needed.
I am a firm believer as I have said in my poem of using a fruity expletive where need be - it's the use of it to punctuate every day speech that annoys me.
For example - ''ooh I'm f***** dying for a f***** cup of f****** tea'' etc .
I think all swearing should be used responsibly and obviously only if you're over 18 and I hope to god that I don't have to use any of those naughty words any more today.
I wouldn't count on it though.............
Hope everyone has a bloody good weekend.

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