Friday, 15 March 2013

Growl hiss spit

So I am aching , I am shivering and my throat feels like I have been gargling on ground glass. Good job I'm not one to moan, otherwise I would really be making a fuss today.
To add to it all - they have spent all day digging up the road again but this time it is a much much bigger hole.
 Last week's hole was barely a prick in the concrete . Today's is canyon like. And to make it that canyon like it has taken all day and a LOT of noise. It has upset my dogs and it has upset me too.

They have gone home now so my headache has sort of gone but the throat is still stinging and my bones are throbbing. Two paracetemols and a few vodka and diet cokes should calm me down...........hopefully.

My hubby has had man flu for the last few days but started to get better last night. Oddly enough when I announced my own poorliness this morning his ailments came back with a vengeance. Hmmmm,

Why do men always have to be ill in front of you? At least I have the decency to scuttle off upstairs to my electric blanket and Kindle and I snuffle and wheeze in peace, not disturbing anybody.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I am guessing that the hole men wont be working.

I am sure they will be back bright and early on  Monday morning to resume the drilling and shouting.


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