Saturday, 23 March 2013

Crown jewels - be gone!

So I have Mutley - he is 22 months old and I have Freddy , who is one on Monday. They are adorable.
But ..............they have  started to fight.
 Proper fight.
Not all the time but enough to make me think that one of them is going to get hurt in the competition to be the top dog.
Apparently, it's all about dominance and leadership.
I want to get their crown jewels removed as I think this will help but my hubby doesn't.
His argument is - ''you're not having them done''. He's not the greatest debator in the world.
I have thought about sneaking off to the vets and getting them done anyway but after world war 3 the other night re 'spiteful mash', I feel that this wouldn't be too condusive to a happy home.
I want them both to be done at the same time so they can recuperate together and when they stare at the space where their little bits were they can maybe think ''oh, maybe we shouldn't have had that fight''
So what do I do?
We got our girls done no bother, but I think it's the fact that -
1. Hubby  has similar packaging and it's making him queasy
2. On a boy you can actually see what's been chopped off which makes it worse
 and that is what's making him put his foot down.
When we got our cat done I did feel a bit sorry for him but he had started to 'perform' with every vaguely fluffy / furry object in the house and I really didn't want him to run off in search of, ermmmm, well ,  pussy.
My two 'perform' with anything that stands still long enough albeit half heartedly and if we yell they do climb off and look shame faced but it has to stop.
If I ask the vet they will be all for it because it's £200+ in their coffers isn't it?
I feel a compromise could be if I let each of them father a litter of puppies first but again, this presents problems.
If  I did and I saw the puppies  there is no way on earth I could resist them and  I can have no more than 3 springer spaniels in my life at one time.
I may be mad, but I'm not that mad.
And so........ operation crown jewel removal may be on hold for them moment but is definitely in the bag for some time in the near future.
Sorry's nothing personal.

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