Saturday, 21 September 2013

Why do we do it?

So I went out. I had a very flimsy dinner - 3 Ryvitas and a dollop of humous does not set you up for a night on the lash. I am sure you all know this. I know this for goodness sake, but hey, who cares?
It was a FAB night. A great atmosphere and lovely to see so many people that I haven't seen for ages. I got hugs and I got kisses and I loved every minute of it. I loved my 3 triple vodkas down Spoons ( but  I haven't changed my mind, the place is rank ) and then a couple more at the venue. They were nice and icy and went down well. Debbie disappeared off home - and as I am also a townie I too retired gracefully at midnight. I didn't stagger home and I didn't do the old key missing the keyhole routine, I simply came in  and ate some toast and went to bed and tried to ignore the spinning of the room. That was when I wished that I had eaten a fourth Ryvita.
And this morning?
My pale green eyes with red rings round them could not stand the sunlight so I wore the biggest glasses I could find. I think they belong to H. I look like one of those women that has been accused of murder looks like when they leave court and they are being papped by The Sun. My mouth has gone lopsided and my hair is a mess. In all fairness my hair is normally a mess, but you get the picture.

And to make myself feel better, most of the people that I saw today were looking just as ropey. Celeste nearly did a sicky, Tammy had no voice ( although she whispered to me that she had lost it anyway ) Debbie claimed to be dying and Ali's photos of the night go from sleek young professionals to soggy old drunks in just a couple of hours. Such good gun.
And so tonight I am having the dinner that I should have had last night. Pure and utter stodge - healthy style obviously. SW chips with mushy peas and gravy. Proper Northern fodder - it will be lush. It will bring me comfort and it will stop the horrible noisy elves from running around my head.
Oh and it's also X factor and I am in my jammies and I have had my hair done - not my brightest idea to have my entire head of hair pushed into foils the day after a night out as I nearly fell asleep at one point and the smell of bleach was just a little bit too much.
Bring on the water and fruit. I am never drinking again.

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