Thursday, 5 September 2013

Back to not school , quizzes and book group.

So what a busy week I have had.
 M started sixth form college and I think they are all struggling to get their heads round the fact that they are no longer at school. I gave her and 3 boys a lift in on their first day and they were excited and nervous and not at all sure what to expect. I didn't know what to expect when she came home and my heart sank to be faced with an angry little face who proclaimed she hated it. They didn't have her bus pass, they had got her timetable wrong, she had to go in yesterday but had no lessons and so it was all a bit tense here on Tuesday evening. Thankfully today has gone better - she had 3 lessons, she wandered into town, one of the baker's does 10% off a pasty if you're a student and she had a ride home on the open topped bus. I am crossing my fingers that she does settle in at Penzance as 2 years is a long time and she will never survive the bus journey to Truro without being travel sick.
The quiz this week was so much quieter and I have to say so much better without kids running around screaming. It was a more genteel type of clientele and The Bookworms won! Nobody challenged any of my questions and my favourite one was this -
''which new word in the Oxford English Dictionary's definition is ''to dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner using thrusting hip movements and a low squatting dance''?
I think next week is the last quiz for this year, it was dark outside and all the campers will be going home soon. I have really enjoyed doing these Tuesday night quizzes this year and have met some lovely lovely people. I have also met quite a few arseholes and if I do it again next year ( which I will ) then I will remember them. A quiz mistress never forgets a heckler.
And we also had book group last night.
Now a very important part of any proper book group is definitely the refreshments. One of our members suggested a Mexican themed buffet and I have to say it was delicious! Chilli, nachos, tortillas, salsa, ................profiteroles..............everything that you would eat in Mexico.
Our next book we are reading is 'Rough Music' by Patrick Gale.
This book is set in Cornwall so we are going to have a Cornish themed buffet. This means -
Cream Teas
Saffron Cake
Raw Fry
Star Gazey Pie
I always make nachos - Leanne likes them and  as she wasn't there last night there were tons left. I am trying to think of a Cornish version of  nachos but can't. I think I may have rashly promised ( after what was possibly the biggest vodka in the whole wide world )  that I would make the maleos. These are pickled fish done in a special spice that you can buy down Leddra's the Chemist.
I feel it would be wrong for me to make them as I am a Northumbrian and I think the only proper Cornish person there is Belinda so I am hoping she is feeling creative!
So all in all, that's my first week of September.
I love this month. The weather has been lush but I have lit the fire tonight as I am still in my flip flops and my toes are cold. I could put socks on but the roaring flames are so much more fun.
Hello Autumn.
Oh , and if you didn't know - the answer is TWERKING!

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