Sunday, 8 September 2013

Run for the hills. Or maybe just on the beach the first time............

So Leanne and I are going 'running' tomorrow.
I am meeting her at 9 am. I have got the gear. I have to wear 2 bras. I am going to take a before photo and post it tomorrow. Depending on what we look like on the after photo, then I may post that too. I don't think that internet users in Chad will be able to resist us and will soon be avid blog readers.
 I am not worried as according to my fancy iPhone it is going to pour with rain and so the beach will be quiet and dogs aren't allowed on them yet so we wont be chased by any savage hounds.
It would make a fantastic photo if we were though.............
Despite being the wrong build for running ( big boobs ) I have harboured a bit of a secret desire to do it for a while. I went once a couple of years ago with my friend Mandy but she can only go at night and at night I want to basically write my blog and relax.
A couple of friends of mine have really inspired me in all this. Actually, it's 3 friends - one of them will read this on Twitter and I reckon the other 2 will guess who they are. One of them goes to the local running club at Hayle and as soon as the last quiz at the campsite is over then I shall be going to. They claim to have fun and there is a 'special' group for beginners which I have no doubt that even after my marathon session with Leanne tomorrow, I may remain in for quite a long time.
I am a bit nervous. I don't want to make a fool of myself. I hope my bras can take the pressure. I hope I don't fall over. I hope Leanne turns up and I really hope we don't get pointed at or laughed at.
Is that too much to ask?
Will I be able to walk on Tuesday?
I never seem to see a happy runner.
Will I be one?

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