Thursday, 19 September 2013

Trying to find my CUJO and some indecent images................

So I am very into my Slimming World again and this is going to have to involve an element of cooking. I have avoided my kitchen for ages now but needs must - I need to reclaim my culinary mojo, or my CUJO as I shall call it from now on.
I quite often have a sneaky giggle at some of the 'recipes' that I see posted onto the SW Facebook page and yes, some of them do resemble what the cat has dragged in. Not to be outdone however, I thought I would try something new...............and so tonight's CUJO reviving meal is.......
I have always said that I think that SW bandies the word 'cake' around a bit too loosely. A cake to me is a carrot cake, a lemon drizzle cake, a Victoria sponge, a lovely creamy ├ęclair or even a jam doughnut.
SW 'cakes' involve chickpeas and eggs and couscous and now baked beans.
The recipe isn't rocket science. It involved 3 eggs , a packet of savoury rice and those all important baked beans.
A close up of it mixed together was this - and readers of a sensitive disposition may want to avert their eyes at this point in the blog.
Looks vile doesn't it? Me being the rogue I am , even when working with a recipe, threw some cheese in for the hell of it. I very much doubt that it will have a positive impact on the end product and what I can only describe as looking and smelling a bit like cat vomit.
I am not quite sure what to eat this 'cake' with. I am thinking I may have one mouthful and decide not to go any further. There is salad stuff in the fridge and there are also some lovely looking pork chops. This 'cake' is baked beans and savoury rice and eggs and cheese, and I dearly love all the ingredients separately but have never dared to put them all in my mouth at the same time.
I think tonight could be the first and last occasion that I do this.
I am sure that a jacket potato would have been easier and tastier but a jacket potato isn't going to tempt my CUJO into coming back and being creative.
And I just thought today - it is Thursday night and I have nowhere to go. Debbie starts her pool season again and next week or the week after it is the quiz league's kick off. I am no longer a hallowed quizzer. I am ex- quiz. I have retired from the quiz community and may even be shunned by the men in anoraks. I wont miss it, as it quite frankly bored the pants off me, but I will miss having something to do before the weekend.
I do however have a sneaky project lined up involving Leanne. I asked her last night and she said yes but I'm not so sure in the harsh light of day she will remember or want to do it anymore. It involves us and another person ( hopefully ) and I have another couple of people I want to ask.
It is a combination of something that the hopefully joining us  person is excellent at, something that Leanne is naturally good at and something that I try and be good at but wish I was better at. It also involves something that I know I am good at, I just have to do it properly.
I know I am being  vague.
I try to reclaim my CUJO and then I go all mysterious.
Life's funny like that.
Onwards and downwards and wish me luck for my dinner.

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