Friday, 13 September 2013

Liquid sunshine of the very finest..........

So today it has poured all day. Lashed down. Cats and dogs. Buckets of the stuff. The Cornish call it 'liquid sunshine' but I call it a pain. A pain in the bum.
Leanne jogged down to give me some of her home grown runner beans this morning and she is off to the land of my father - well sort of, she is gan to Newcastle man! I wish I was instead of sitting here staring at the rain out of the window. It's not even cold, it's just wet. Boo.
It's still busy here in St Ives as it's now the beginning of the September Festival. Lots of art, music and literature events and maybe, just maybe, I will stand up in Norway Square and read some of my stuff. In all honesty, having heard some of the 'stuff' that the kosher bona fide poets read out then I think I can do it. It will give me something to aim for. I need a goal.
I also need to resume my autumn/ winter social activities now that the summer is over. I haven't exactly been housebound for the last few months, in fact I have had a right laugh, but I like to mingle. Sometimes. I am not in the quiz league this year and I am now beginning to wonder if I will miss it. It was part of my routine but most of the time I would be wishing I hadn't gone after being there for half an hour. There is only so many times one team can get beaten before the will to live is lost. I have seen a few of the quiz geeks out and about this last few days and they all greet me with the line ''are you not doing it this year?'' and it's almost like kicking a puppy when I say ''no, sorry, it bored the pants off me''. I left it on a nice note at the end of last season though and I think I may have agreed, after a couple of magners, to 'step in if anyone needs a spare player' so am now wondering if anyone will take me up on my offer. Debbie plays pool on a Thursday and I may go and watch that once in a while.
Am off to my friend's for dinner tonight. She is at the gym at the moment and I have just had a bath. I haven't been running because I refuse to get soaking wet . I will go tomorrow. Honest. And if I don't go tomorrow then I will definitely go when Leanne gets back on Monday.
And on that jolly not, after what could potentially be the most boring blog I have ever written, I am going to go and make myself look semi decent. Lisa is going to be wearing her onesie when we eat dinner but I have a lovely new Joe Brown top that needs breaking in and there's no time like the present.
Oh! And my friend Laura say Heston Blummentahl or however you spell it, today.
Love a bit of star spotting by the sea!

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