Saturday, 28 September 2013

My favourite steak combo and having a word with my chest.

So I didn't have a great night's sleep. H phoned me and I spoke to her at 4am. It was something and nothing but a mum's ear is always open. I fell back to sleep at 5.30 am and was rudely awoken by the alarm at 7am. I hardly ever use my alarm as my sleep pattern is already so erratic that I am always awake when I'm meant to be anyway.
Lots of coffee propelled me into my day and it is cold and there was more than a few spots of rain to dampen my already grumpy spirits. Proper big fat raindrops too.
I was talking last night to a friend about food and what food we like. I happened to mention that I always had a steak with a Greek salad when I go for lunch with Leanne. Who needs chips when there are feta and olives involved? My friend is unconvinced as to the merits of olives but I flipping well love them. They are delicious. Anyway, about halfway through my morning I decided that that was exactly what I was going to have for dinner this evening - after a long hot bubble bath and before my weekly dose of rubbish telly. I also decided that I would do what I think we all should in a small town and I 'shopped local'. I already have leaves in my fridge ( oooh check me out ) and I got a red onion from the greengrocer and some gigantically sexy olives stuffed with garlic from the health food shop, along with some feta cheese. I then ventured next door to the cheeky chappy butchers where my friend Kev works and he allowed me to take a picture of him in action for this blog.
Now readers, let's be honest, would you buy a steak from this man???
Anyway, I am sure it will taste delicious!
Tomorrow is a slightly less busy day than Sunday normally is and I am having some mother / daughter bonding with M. Marks and Spencer overcharged me for my car insurance and have not only refunded the money but have sent some vouchers as an apology. M has snaffled them away and when tidying my office I found some left from Christmas that I hadn't spent.
We don't have many big shops down here so it's not exactly a shopping expedition, but it gets us out of the house.
A fun 2 weeks begins very soon and I am looking forward to all sorts of social butterfly type adventures.
The first one is book ( vodka and nibbles ) group and I am going to have to get my arse into gear if I want to attend. I am enjoying the book but I have been busy and distracted and I still have 287 pages left to read. This means that I need to read on average 71 pages a night for the next 4 nights. I am not worried. I am the leader of book group and I am a puller offer of most things and I work best under pressure and they need me there to keep order. I am a bit ashamed though, as really I have no excuse for not reading it sooner but I have every faith in myself. Honestly.
My health kick is going well. I have a gorgeous couple of dresses in my wardrobe that fit me lovely, just not in the chest region. I want to wear one of these dresses to H's 21st meal next Saturday. Both of them make my chest look massive. My chest is massive so that's why. I have every type of bra known to man and I keep looking to see which one will give me the best chance of
1. Fitting all of me into the dress
2. Enabling me to breathe once fitted in said dress.
It's a woman thing, and like the whole book malarkey, I will do it.
I also have a couple of guests staying in one of my properties that I am afraid are going to plague the hell out of me all weekend. It would be unprofessional for me to disclose why, and it's actually quite sad but I have got their number written on the back of my hand ( as the song went ) and may be avoiding any further calls from it.
I'm too busy for all that anyway. I have books to read and chests to have a word with.

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