Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Something to think about.

So last night was the last quiz and a great night was had by all. Especially The Bookworms - they won! It was actually a draw but Mel clinched it on the tie-break so there was a very happy group of my friends that went home last night.
Now I love to talk. I like meeting new people, I love the banter or as my friend Jenny would say 'the craic' and last night I had a yap in between rounds of the quiz with a couple sat next to me. ....Rich and Jan.  I'm not sure how but the conversation moved on to how we very rarely write anything these days as everything is done by keyboard or our phones and that when I was a lass ( cue Hovis advert music) we were taught firstly how to write basic letters, then joined up writing and then the neatness of our work would be worked on.
Both my girls are very clever ( like their mummy ) but neither has very good handwriting. H has a indecipherable scrawl and M is only slightly better. Most of their work is done on a computer and I have actually just been talking to a friend, or texting a friend and we both agreed that the need to hunt for a pen is always there as we now never really need them.
I love writing - my blog, my poems, and yet I don't - I type what I 'write' now and it is to the point that if I was to sit down and write 2 pages of A4 then I would end up with cramp. I know I had to fill in some forms a while ago and had to literally think before every word written.
Spelling! That's another thing. I pride myself on being a fairly literate lady and have never struggled with spelling or grammar. Can't spell for toffee? Don't worry - there's always auto correct.
Newspapers! Now in my youth we used to get 2 newspapers every day. My Dad always had the Daily Mirror and my Mum ( you just know what I am going to say here ) always had the Daily Mail. It's no wonder their marriage failed really. On a Sunday we had The News of the World and The Sunday Post and we always used to get the weekly newspaper too.
We never ever buy a newspaper now. There is 24 hour news on the telly, the internet tells you everything you need to know, I have a kindle and our next book group choice is only available , shock horror, in actual book form. We are all products of a modern age whether we like it or not.
And going back to school and college used to involve the buying of the stationery - you know, new pens, new books, pencils, rubber etc and still to this day I get a bit of a geek jizz looking at rows of shiny new things in packets and different colours and different sized notebooks. Maybe that's just me, but I would be gutted if I was at school now and only had to buy a couple of bits and a memory stick.
I would like to point out that I am 45 and not 90 so please forgive this little rant. I am being nostalgic. I like being nostalgic.
And it's our second run today! We are going to run around one of my horse fields. We need to climb a gate to get in there. I could just take the key to open the padlock on it, but where's the fun in that? We are fancying ourselves a bit as Charlie's Angels. I want to be Farrah on account of her big flicks and I think Leanne if she dyed her hair black would be a fantastic Kate Jackson. I did suggest this to her yesterday and she thought she was more of a 'Bos'.
Anyone under the age of 40 is not going to know what the hell I am waffling about.
I need to go and drink my black coffee and stretch.

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