Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Well fork me pink's St Ives answer to Charlie Dimmock.

So I went to fat club and I got weighed and I had a monumental weight loss. I have been so good but I have kept it low key. My carb free dinner obviously did the trick last night and I am not even having a 'treat' today.....I am on a roll.
I tagged along with a friend to fat club at Redruth. It's quite a place. They are very nice. Very glamorous. I think what their town lacks in beauty is compensated for by the effort of the fat club ladies and the thought put into what they are wearing. I had flip flops and leggings and a t shirt on. St Ives  casual at its' finest.  There wasn't another flip flop in sight. It was all fancy dresses and sparkly tunics and very nice they were too. If I go next week then I may have to dig deep into my wardrobe for something glitzy. I don't want to be the sore thumb and stick out...............not in Redruth anyway.
My lovely gardening buddy Leanne came down and I would like to say 'helped' weed my front bit but really she did it all and I sat in the gorgeous September sun talking ............and talking.I firmly believe that we all have gifts in life and mine is not for gardening, it's for chit chat.
 It has been a lovely day and I think a few of my freckles may have popped back out to say hello. Seeing as I am totally useless with a hoe or a trowel and I touched a slug when handing a garden tool to Leanne and then started to physically retch, this is what we talked about....done in list form obviously.
1. Our kids
2. Cakes
3. Our gardens
4. Newcastle
5. Norway
6. Houses
7. One of the book group ladies imminent romance with Bob from the quiz and if she reads this she will kill me. She is Irish and fiery!
8. Chutney
9. What we are making for the Cornish buffet at the next book group ( I am copping out big style with a cream tea)
10. Lunch out in 2 weeks time.
It sounds boring, but we had a laugh. We gossiped to passers by and had a hoot. Leanne had 2 cups of builders tea and I bantered with the carpet cleaners. Even though you cant buy a pair of men's underpants in this town or children's shoes, I have need of neither and I love it here.
I also banged into another friend in Boots that I haven't seen for a while. She is pregnant and is having a home birth. I have said I will 'help' when the time is here.    When I say 'help' then I will pick her kids up from school and make them a sandwich as I am afraid that I have become more and more squeamish in my old age and as much as I think birth is a beautiful thing, I haven't quite recovered from when I gave birth myself , 21 and 17 years ago. I have already told both my kids that when they have babies I will wait outside or if pushed, may stay up the non messy end for half an hour but I know I would faint and would be totally useless.
I have got a salad from the deli for dinner, I am having it with pork chops, There is pasta in it and my body is looking forward to it very much. I think some people seem to think that I am on a carb free diet but I'm not. I have said before that potatoes are my favourite vegetable and it's only the day before I weigh that I will go without something naughty and starchy.
 And before anyone asks, I will be running on Monday morning. I may not manage Wednesday morning as I may still be driving around a roundabout in Cardiff trying to work out where to go for the South West, but if I can then I will.
Onwards and downwards - the diet devil hath returned.

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