Monday, 30 September 2013

Jamie and Anthony - and all for a sausage casserole.

So today I decided to cook something. I was going to do a prawn curry but M has eaten all the prawns. I then thought about a nice chilli con carne, but my mince has disappeared. That left me with some sausages ( low fat! ) and I thought I would make a sausage casserole. Not a Colman's packet mix, thank you very much, but a proper one with chopped up bacon, garlic and shallots, the lot!
And to make it I am using my 'Jamie Oliver' large casserole sauce pan type thingy. I am also using my Anthony Worall Thompson smaller saucepan to do some cauliflower to go with it. I have 2 giants of the catering world on my hob at this very moment.
Before I go any further though, I feel I should point out that I do not like Jamie Oliver. I have even used the word despise when referring to him. Anthony I can take or leave. His pan handles always overheat and burn me and I obviously wouldn't want to go shopping with him or leave my purse unattended with him, but he's not quite so annoying.
These are the reasons I 'dislike' Mr Oliver..... done in list form. A list only goes to prove my true feelings.
I will say first of all that I did used to like him when he first appeared on the telly. He's been around a while and I recall Hattie asking me when she was about 4 if we could 'watch the man that goes thhhh and sticks his tongue out when he speaks please Mummy'. She was a very astute child even then........
1. He tries to be all street. He isn't . He is from a middle class family but thinks by calling everybody 'bro' that he is wiv it. He is nowt but a mockney!
2. He says things like 'yeah bro, trout and dill are like best mates, man'. No Jamie, they are a fish and a herb. Fishes and herbs don't have mates.
3. He is a condescending idiot. Yes, his school meals campaign had the right sentiments blah blah blah but it makes my blood boil when he goes to working class areas and tells parents on benefits to feed their kids couscous when it's cheaper to buy junk. I am not disputing that he is right , but it's easy for him to say when he is loaded and never experienced poverty when growing up or raising his family.
4. When he was doing one of his many tv shows he took the film crew along to his wife's hospital room minutes after she had given birth. He craves publicity. He is needy.
5. His meals in minutes? I am not a bad cook but they do not take the length of time to cook that he claims. And I'm sorry , but I don't know anybody at all that would choose to go and make winter coleslaw in their garden.
I do however, like some of his recipes. I do things to my turkey at Christmas that Jamie has suggested and it always tastes delicious. I also remember a little knack he gave us all about our roast potatoes so I do that too. He is not all bad.....and I have just typed that very begrudgingly.
His pan is very good too. M made a chicken thing in it last night which I didn't taste due to the copious amounts of double cream and oil but it really did smell lush.
So fingers crossed tonight's dinner is as good...........
Tomorrow is my least favourite day of the week.
I am having a lot of fish to make up for the lack of potatoes and rice and pasta.
I am getting weighed on Wednesday morning and a loss for the fourth week on the trot would be fab.
I have measured myself and I have lost 2 inches off my waist, one off my hips and I have found an inch on my chest. This will not stop me in my quest to fit it into that special dress for Saturday. I know it's only 5 days away and I know I have lunch out and book group Cornish buffet before then but I can do it! I can have something salad like for lunch on Wednesday and I can eat the inside of a pasty and leave the pastry at book group .
What the hell has my life come to?
And yes, my hob does need wiping.

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