Monday, 9 September 2013

We did it!

So Leanne and I went running................and I enjoyed it.
The views on Porthmeor at around 9.30 this morning were -
This to the left -
And this to the right -
And this was myself and Leanne before we set off. Notice how perky we look!
The beach was as gorgeous as ever. There was us and about 5 other people and a couple of lifeguards going about their business. There was another 'runner' and I said hello to him. The sun was out and the sky was blue. It was also really warm.
A perfect September day.
Nobody pointed at or  laughed at us, we may have misjudged the tide as we had to climb over a rock to get onto the main bit and I did get lapped by a little wave on the way back, but only on my feet.
I came home and ate a yogurt and a banana and have arranged to go again on Wednesday. We aren't doing the beach though, we are going to run around whichever one of the 2 horse fields doesn't have the horses in it. For obvious reasons.
I managed to get rid one of the many chocolate and orange brownies that M lovingly baked yesterday by giving it to Leanne. She tried to resist it but she went home with it. She ran further and faster than me so she deserves it.
My great friend Debbie has gone camping today for a week and I am going to miss her. She is going on a self discovery holiday of solitude and camping on the Isles Of Scilly. I am not a camper. I need electric and slugs scare me so there's no way I could sleep next to where they sleep.
And tomorrow is the final quiz...............and I haven't written one single question. That's tonight's job.
And then it's officially no longer summer , but autumn, my favourite season, and back to catching up with all the friends that I haven't seen so much over the summer.
All in all though, despite the incredibly wobbly start to the year and a very low point in my life, I am determined that the latter part will be good.
Of course, now that I am a runner I have all these positive hormones flowing around my body.........but fingers crossed I am right.

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