Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Anyone else love a list and Teddy lives to tell the tale.

So I am busy. I have had a very productive few days and I put it all down to the power of 'the list'. There is nothing quite like a good list and putting that all important tick next to one of the points on it. It gives me pleasure in the way only a secret geek can receive pleasure...............because invariably I have used a shiny new notepad and pen with which to create my list.
I have ticked off things a day ahead of myself, I have had to cross out things and put new things on 'the list' because I have done the list things for the day . It may waste a few minutes each morning but nothing smacks of self motivation more than a piece of paper with vertically written numbers and sentences next to each one.
At book group we hardly ever write lists because all there is to do really is to read a book, talk about it and then drink copious amounts of wine ( or vodka in my case ) but at writing group all we seem to do is write lists and take 'minutes'. It's bloody ace I tell you and if you're not a fan already then I suggest you all go and find a pen and paper and do one...........now!
On other matters this week I feel it would be completely relevant to compile this blog in the form of its' subject matter.
1. I have been squeakily clean and healthy in terms of food. Saturday night took a downturn when I had a book group sized vodka and went to bed feeling decidedly giddy and felt the need for food. I wanted a crisp sandwich and I have no idea why but even in a giddy state I managed to calm myself with a cereal bar. Hooray.
2. I am not as assertive as some may think but today I had a bit of a verbal confrontation with someone that started out a bit nasty but once we realised we both had similar aged kids and both with ones going into the 3rd year at Cardiff Uni then we were practically best friends. We shook on it and everything.
3. I am taking H back to Cardiff and driving home ............ALONE!!! Now my friends that really know me will know that I am not the world's most , ahem, confident driver but I can do this, I really can! I just head for the South West right? and not Swansea like a certain time 2 years ago. She is going back for  her final year so I am going to be strong and brave and not be all weepy as I overtake huge lorries. That would be silly.
4. I am going for a spa day at a local hotel with a friend next week. We are going to have massages and wear bath robes and nibble salad while drinking prosecco. I am looking forward to this very much.
5. Two of me very good friends down here, Debbie and Leanne have both been away and I missed them LOTS. Am having a night out with one of them at the weekend and I owe the other one an extra huge coffee and a big slice of cake for services rendered.
6. Whilst having a ruthless clear out I came across Teddy. I cant remember which of my kids he initially belonged to but nobody has cuddled him/her  for years. The boy dogs have both tried to do what boy doggies do to him regularly and both Dear Dead Daisy and Special Maddie Spaniel have both chewed him/her and dragged him/her round the garden for years. This Teddy was surplus to requirement in my home and as I had my determined and tough head on , they got chucked out. This provoked OUTRAGE on Facebook but I lost no sleep. And as my lounge is being painted at the moment and I am forced to sit in the telly free lounge..............look who I found sat on a chair...........
yes, someone has saved Teddy! I am sure you will all be relieved to know this.
7. I haven't had time to run but will go next week in between spa days and gadding off to Wales.
8. M is sort of settling into 6th form college but I think it is still a shock to her system.
9. I am going to send some of my writing work off to a publisher.
10. I have had no carbs today and did stuff in the wok tonight which was basically hot raw vegetables. The rest of my household had a Chinese.
So that's it. My last few days and my next few days. I have accomplished today what I was going to do tomorrow so can feel the urge within to get writing a new list. A revised list!
It's all good.

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