Sunday, 29 September 2013

The best laid plans.............but at least I have Patrick.

So today I was going to do everything! Work stuff and nice stuff and I only did the former.
I was up just after 6 as I was wide awake and wanted coffee. Lots of it. I invoiced lots of people, I paid lots of people, I swore at my bitch of a printer, I had a nice breakfast, I waited for M to come back from her friend's house so we could go off to M and S and then................
Only the sockets though......... and so began the boring but necessary task of unplugging everything to identify what was the naughty appliance or socket. This is a 5 bedroomed house and there are a lot of things to unplug. None of it made any difference and my loin of pork in the freezer started to defrost.
Good job Superman , aka, Ian the electrician came to the rescue and while he made himself busy I went to hell on earth , yes, Tescos ...............on a Sunday.
One hour later and £143 lighter I returned home. And watched my chilled falafels get warm along with all my other shopping that needed to go into the dark and quiet fridge.
Superman soon worked his magic though (Freddy nearly got electrocuted during all this )  and by then I had had quite enough so I retired to the calm and tranquillity of upstairs with Patrick bleddy Gale. M was making something totally fattening in the kitchen. It involved chicken, a can of cider and some oil. It smells nice but I shall resist. I am having either a ham salad for dinner or a lettuce .
Now on to Patrick bleddy Gale.
 Local author, very credible and award winning etc and I have now got 249 pages left of his book 'Rough Music' to read before Wednesday night at 8pm. I have been procrastinating somewhat and am now fighting against time a bit. I have promised the ladies at book group pasties for the Cornish buffet and I want to go but I am struggling. It's not that I am not enjoying the book, I am, I just seem to keep finding other things to do instead. Like blog, and shout at my bitch of a printer, or buy falafels or just anything really.
Maybe I have lost my reading mojo?
How ironic would that be? Me that tries to encourage everyone to read.............and not being able to see it through myself. That's a sad thought. Even my Kindle is out of battery and thrown unloved  in the bottom of a drawer. I need to address this sad situation and pretty damn quick. I have 73.5 hours left. I am clock watching. I am getting worried.
I work best under pressure. I have prosecco in the fridge. I may reward myself with a glass for every 50 pages. It can be the carrot to my lethargic donkey.
Or I may just drink it anyway and read all day tomorrow?
Suggestions anyone?

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