Friday, 20 September 2013

Feeling like a bit of a fraud but sneaking along anyway.......

So tonight is a big night on the St Ives scene. It is 'Peggoty's Revival Night'!
Most of you will have no idea what on earth this is all about so let me enlighten you...........
Mr Peggoty's was a nightclub in St Ives which closed many years ago. It is now a holiday apartment complex and is run by nobody vaguely local and although it does promote tourism within the town, it would rather buy its' welcome packs from Tescos than the local shops.....or beat the local shops down to selling things at 'cost price' so the struggling shopkeeper isn't really benefiting from it. I know this is all true and I am saying no more and will stop with the politics and get back to the point of the blog.
So tonight some bright spark ( I think it was lovely Nadine ) has organised a Peggoty's revival but as the venue is so longer there then it is going to be held in the Guildhall.
I am going. I feel a bit of a fraud. I moved here when I was 21 and the place had no defining moments in making me the fine woman that I am today. I went about 4 times. But still I am going tonight. I want to dance to 80's music and I would really like to get drunk but as I am 45 and as I have a busy day tomorrow I need to keep in control.
There has been bickering on Facebook - tickets sold like hot cakes and people that were too young to frequent the place when it was open are going and some of the locals are not very happy. It's all getting a bit tense but I am sure fun will be had by all.
I love it when it is an event that the whole town will join in with . I saw 2 tribute bands at the Guildhall a couple of years ago. The Bee Gees and Take That. They were both terrible and if I recall correctly, Take That's mini bus broke down outside Camborne making them late and the audience a bit growly. It was however, what I would call a cracking night out.
In Alnwick where I grew up there were two nightclubs and I am using the word 'nightclub' very loosely in the case of both of them. I hope some of my hometown buddies are reading this as they will remember all too well.
1. The Squash Club - sporting venue by day - Alnwick's hot spot by night. You were meant to be a member to get in, the dance floor I am sure was kidney shaped??, there was always a huge queue on the stairs and the wait was never really worth it, the drinks were extortionate, and the bloke that owned it ( Hilton) was a right miserable bugger. And yet still we went there every Saturday night and I'm sure that most of us held our 18th birthday parties there too,
2. The Duke's Club - much more seedier and in such an obscure place, up some back alley that I wouldn't be able to find it now if I tried. It was more of an after pubs drinking place that just happened to play music than a nightclub but I remember having many a good laugh there. One time in particular was the night the clocks went back, so it must have been at the end of October. The place was meant to clos at 2 am but the owner Tim waited til the big hand was on the twelve and the little hand was on the two and then put it back an hour so all of us already worse for wear people had an extra 60 minutes. Great marketing and a great night.
And I am sure that wherever you grew up there will be memories of your first club, your first drink, cigarette, snog, the crying over some no good lad in the toilets, the swapping of secrets, dancing, singing and all the things that we  forget about when we grow up and become adults.
Am now really looking forward to it. Although I am a bit of a fraud with Mr Peggoty's, I may just close my eyes and pretend the dance floor is shaped like a kidney and that a cider and blackcurrant is still only 50 pence.
Happy Days!

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