Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Lorries don't scare me, bubbles at lunch in a bathrobe and memories on a card.

So I didn't blog yesterday as H returned to uni.
I was not sad, I was brave. After sitting in a car with her for just over 3 hours and being forced to listening to Les Mis I was actually quite happy to unpack her and leave her there. Of course it's all different now. For one, she is in the same house so apart from taking her clothes up to her room, we didn't have to do much else. We did a Tesco shop and I sniggered at some of the new found friends ( obviously just met and hadn't seen each other drunk and emotional yet ) pushing trollies around the place. Two girls, for instance, had several bottles of WKD type booze and were having a very in depth discussion as to the merits of Tesco's own brand crunchy nut cornflakes. Ahh, I thought, that is sweet - all these young adults starting out and trying to put a smile on it when all they really want is their mums to say ''they taste the same - if you put the Kellogs back you can buy a packet of Anadin). We saw lots of freshers and Hattie commented that she felt old as all the new ones looked so fresh faced and so small. We both said 'awww' when we saw one young fella leaving the shop with a solitary bottle of Lenor . I bet his mum told him to use it or he was using it because it was something that would remind him of his mum.
Whatever happened to students that never did their washing from one term to the next? Whatever happened to taking home a bag to mum at Christmas with encrusted with god knows what sheets? These days students are just so............civilised........ish.
Anyway, I bit the bullet and I drove home alone. This was a huge deal for me but I feel I excelled myself. It was easy. Drive along H's road up to the big roundabout, take the third exit and keep going until you see the sign for the South West. I zipped it in Sylvia. For an old girl she can certainly go. Fifth gear was the gear and I was fast lane Liz.
Buses? - get out of the way!
Lorries - pah, you don't scare me.
Tractors? - well oddly enough I didn't experience Farmergedden until the A30 but by then I was nearly home.
I did it!
Today I went to the most glamorous location in Cornwall on a Wednesday, aka, REDRUTH FAT CLUB! I lost another 2! I have bought another new dress and one of my old bras is too big. I ate a sweet jacket potato and I cant remember what wine tastes like.
I shall however, be reminded what bubbles taste like tomorrow when I go for a spa day with my friend. We are having lunch in our bathrobes and I think it would be rude not to sip something crisp and light and intoxicating. As only a serious dieter will appreciate, I have already sussed out the menu. I am going for the dressed crab darling. And no pudding.
And as I love rabbiting about nostalgia, I am going to share this.
Photos were a big part of our lives when we were growing up. My mother had loads of photo albums that I used to adore looking at on a wet weekend afternoon. I think a photo album is a thing of the past now. We upload them onto our computers or post them onto Facebook and they are there for everyone to see.
M has had lots of hers printed out and she is currently mounting them on card to go back onto her newly painted walls. She has an amazing gallery of herself, H and all of her friends over the years. She is immersed in choosing which one to put next to which other one and it is sweet to see. She must be enjoying it as she even let me take a photo of her in mid stick.
You will notice the iPad in front of her - she was watching GBBO at the same time. I do love a bit of multi tasking.
And on that note I am going to prepare dinner and think about my giddy social life for the next couple of weeks -
1. Spa day
2. Writing group
3. Lunch out with 2 of my favourite people.
4. Book group the same night.
5. Watching 2 of my friends in opposing pool teams take on each other in a pool match.
6. H back for her 21st ( how did that happen??? )
7. A weekend in Brizzle.
Aren't you all glad I have cheered the hell up?

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  1. That poor lad with the bottle of Lenor. I nearly cried at that!