Thursday, 14 November 2013

You knit and make soup in the winter, right?

So it is cold and it is the winter and I want to knit a jumper and I want to make soup. A jumper that I will finish knitting and a soup that will taste nice.
So no pressure there then.
I furtively sneaked out yesterday and got myself a pattern and some needles and some lovely grey and black chunky wool with the odd sequin here and there. It sounds awful but it's actually quite nice and I really cant wait to post a picture of me wearing it. It may be a long wait but it's my new hobby and I am going to finish this one. Definitely.
I also felt the need to do some good old Slimming World cooking. Inspired by one of the ladies up Redruth, who always bakes 'cakes' for us all to nibble while we are having our coffee, I fell back on my trusty old favourite from a couple of years ago - couscous cake!
I have established in previous blogs that the SW cakes are no eclairs or doughnuts but fat people cant be choosers and it is so miserable and cold at the moment and I don't do carbs 2 days of the week so on the other 5 I need something sweet and just downright stodgy. I couldn't remember the ingredients ( apart from couscous obviously ) so I threw what I thought was the correct quantities into a mixing bowl and then into a cake tin and it is currently sat on my hob looking at me. I have yet to taste it.
And yet another pan of soup is sitting there right next to it. I am confident that this one will be edible. It has brussel sprouts in , which is never a bad thing, and chopped up roast potatoes from last night and a few carrots. I have named it 'roasted country vegetable' soup and in the words of the brilliant Victoria and Julia  - ''what  country? Taiwan?''
I have also made a pork tikka masala and it has been nubbling in my slow cooker for 7 hours. It smells nice and after doing a bit of spoon dipping I can confirm that it tastes good too.
I have 5 and a half pounds to lose until my next award and 6 weigh ins until Christmas. That is less than a pound a week. Soup, pork curry and couscous cake are going to enable me to achieve that goal and then the minging dress will be draped around my body - and zipped up too!
I am aiming to be wearing my jumper by January and you will notice that I have not specified which January. I must also avoid eating any of my special cake whilst knitting as couscous crumbs do not go well with black , grey and sequinned.
Onwards and downwards.

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