Friday, 8 November 2013

In the zone and in the gym

So I had a long chat with a friend this morning over coffee about diets. She struggles too and we were talking about getting in the zone. I can honestly say I have never been so determined in my life as I am at the moment but it's hard. I have quite a busy social life ( thank goodness ) and it's quite often a case of finding the right balance. I played in the quiz last night and there is always a buffet supper afterwards and I have to say that last night's looked lovely. Lots of freshly made sandwiches oozing with mayo and homemade chips and dips.
And I resisted.
The reason I resisted was this - I had already eaten my dinner so was therefore not hungry which I think all of us diet devils can identify with - a lot of the eating we do seems to be for the sake of it and not because we actually have rumbly tums.
Fat clubs throw a few clichés at us and as much as they are cheesy some of them do make sense. One of my favourites is ''do you like it enough to wear it?'' and this always rings true with me. I am not for one moment suggesting that you should deny all life's food pleasures but it's all about asking what you want to have more. Witchy Liz at Fat Club was moaning that she couldn't lose weight because her mother keeps making apple crumbles and sticky toffee puds but as our esteemed consultant said, she only had to say no and unless her mother was tying her to a chair and shovelling it into her mouth then she didn't have to have it. Having said that, this is a full grown woman who chose to wear a witch's hat and cloak and it is also Redruth and this woman lives in Camborne so in all fairness, the whole chair tying up incident may well have happened.
In the last 9 weeks, since I have rejoined fat club and been a virtual angel I have had at least 5 meals out, several trips to the pub and been away to Bristol and have still lost. I haven't denied myself anything that I have really wanted and I can assure you all that a lovely fresh Greek salad with a steak tastes just as nice as a pile of chips. Honestly.
I do worry with Christmas fast approaching though. I always have a girlie lunch out with my 2 gay buddies on Christmas Eve and I always drink lashings of wine and I also always always always have a crème brulee for pudding. I am still going for the lunch this year and I am not sure what I shall eat but I am not going to stay home and stare at a lettuce. Christmas Day is all about the sprouts and of course, the fizzy stuff. I always seem to get given a lot of wine at this time of year ( I wonder why??? ) and I may find that hard to resist. Boxing Day usually means a handful of Cadbury's Roses and the rest of the day is all about the bread and the pickles. I have at least 3 parties over the festive season and I will cope. I have to.
And now my gums are happy and I am no longer taking the tablets I genuinely feel a lot better. I am off to the gym today and tomorrow and Sunday and I hope that this may contribute towards that hallowed half pound which I so desperately want.
There are 5 days left until my next weigh in and I think I can do it. It typically falls on a week where I don't generally lose but stranger things have happened. Oh and also throw into the mix the fact that one of M's friends celebrates her 17th birthday on Monday and we are off for an Indian on  a day I don't usually carb then I may have a problem. A friend has suggested chicken tikka and salad and I will avert my eyes from the chicken tikka masala and the delicious naans and bhajis.
It will be worth it if I get that next award and if I don't then look out Redruth!

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