Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I wouldn't do that to a sausage and they eat nachos in prison don't they?

So that's fat club done for another week and I lost a pound! I really wanted an extra half a pound to give me a new shiny sticker but I can wait. Patience is not one of my strongest points but I will have to get some. I also need to ignore those flipping scales because I am now really obsessing about them and it's book group tonight which means only one thing ( apart from intellectual discussion obviously )  - FOOD!
We have tried recently to do food that is relevant to the book we are discussing. Last month, we did a Cornish buffet as it was a local author but this month it's a book about life in a Bolivian prison and as creative as I can be I just can't think of anything Bolivian or prison like to cook. I was going to take a bowl of porridge or some cabbage with razor blades hidden under it  but I have decided to plump for nachos as nachos are sort of South American and they also taste lovely with a nice cheeky merlot or a long cool icy vodka but as you all know, it's water for me for another 2 days...........sob.
Now on the subject of food, there was some rum ideas being bandied about at fat club this morning. I honestly think that Redruth has its' own special lifestyle choices in terms of many things. One of these is the sizing of clothing  and the other appears to be their version of what's nice to eat....
One of the lovely ladies and they really are lovely and friendly and so welcoming to we outsiders , was talking about quorn. I DESPISE quorn - I really really loathe it. Not only did she say she ate a lot of it but she then started saying she chopped up quorn sausages for a stir fry. Now after quorn my next pet hate is stir fry so putting them together is quite frankly wrong on every level.
And on the whole quorn subject - another lady then proceeded to tell us about how quorn sausages are apparently 'ansum' if sliced in half, spread with low fat cheese spread and marmite and then grilled. Ummmm not a recipe I shall be trying soon but then again the evil in me is thinking that perhaps they eat that in Bolivia's prisons??? I do have all the ingredients,  as I rashly bought some of the quorn sausages for the day that I was a vegetarian a couple of weeks back and I am actually intrigued if not slightly repulsed by the thought of it.
My new best friend 'Liz' was there today and she was not wearing her witch's outfit. My fat club buddy and I managed to sit away from her and I said hello but she was not happy! She put on half a pound and from what we can gather she has been coming for a couple of years and not lost a single ounce. She is blaming her mother who keeps making apple crumble but the consultant wasn't having any of it. She said to her that all she had to do was say no and Witchy Liz that she couldn't and the consultant said well you'll have to and this is the exact reason that I could never do that job!!!!
I have a late night date with Casual Nick later. My gums are looking fab and I reckon there will be some dry banter on both sides. He is very funny and I think my potential tooth loss paranoia amused him. I know he will try and persuade me to have all sorts of things done but I shall refuse and god help me if any more antibiotics are whipped out of his drawers.
Actually, god help Casual Nick. I shall stand firm and be assertive.
And then I shall eat nachos.

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