Saturday, 16 November 2013

As long as one outweighs the other

So I in a contemplative mood today. I had 7 vodkas last night so I am guessing I am not running on full cylinders today. My scales are also saying I am THREE POUNDS UP but I am guessing and hoping )  that's because I ate late last night so I will only stress if those nasty pounds are still hanging around on Wednesday.........
Four of us from book group had a meal out with drinks at the pub opposite last night and without meaning to sound ultra cheesy I am actually feeling quite blessed today that I have got some wonderful and funny friends. Debbie H, who doesn't come out with us that often is hilarious. She had had her hair done up Camborne by a trainee with possibly the most dubious name I have ever heard. It is the name that a Victorian prostitute would have in a Jeffrey sodding Archer 'novel' and I cant say the name on here because I have actually checked out this person and it is her real name.
Jenny, the most mature member of the group was looking so glamorous and the men in the pub were over her like a bad rash. We were loving it. Mel wore her fab sexy shoes ....
And I think we all looked lovely.
The conversation nipped from one subject to another. The banter was delicious ( and so was the food ) and in the words of the legendary Cilla Black - it was a ''lorra lorra laffs''.
We also decided to form a stitching group. I am now a huge fan of knitting ( yet again ), Debbie wants to make stuff as the last think she sewed was a pair of PE shorts back in the day and we both bemoaned the lack of gingham in today's society. Jenny is very talented with a needle. She does that beautiful American quilting and even went to the USA a couple of months ago to hang around with Amish people to learn the tricks of the trade. I think there will be wine involved but I am looking forward to it because one thing is for sure - it will be funny.
Which leads me to the point of this blog.
I have many people in my life and I have written before about all the arseholes that I have had to deal with in the course of the last few months. Some of those arseholes are still around but you know what? I am so happy to now say that the lovely people outweigh them by loads and that's what matters isn't it? I have made new friends this year that are now very much part of my life, I have strengthened friendships with others due to sad events, and some are the same as ever - just brilliant. These are the people that have kept me going when times have been tough and the arseholes? Well there's always going to be some wherever you go..............I may be the arsehole to some - one man's meat is another man's poison etc but it's generally all good and positive.
And any of my friends that read this will know who they are.
And any arseholes reading this wondering if I am referring to them.....well yes, I probably am.
One final recollection from last night - Debbie H knows Witchy Liz from fat club!
Debbie used to work for the Body Shop and claims WL came in once for a 'make over'. She didn't say if she was wearing her hat and cloak on that specific day but I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. You gotta love WL and as much as I laugh at her, I genuinely hope she will be at Fat Club next week. It is Thanksgiving Day across the pond soon, so I am hoping against hope that she comes as a turkey or a yam or some pecan pie.
That would be too good.


  1. Stitching - St Ives Knitters meet at Cafe Art Royal Square - every other Tuesday - 7.00 to 9.00 - next is 26th November. All welcome !

  2. You all look bleddy gorgeous.

    Leanne xx